Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silver Screen | Men

There's IP MAN ~ There's YES MAN ~ There's CICAK MAN! o_O

No! I did not watch Cicak Man *please, lar*

YES! I watched YES MAN. It was nothing to brag about this movie. But there's funny man, Jim Carrey in it. Gosh! He aged! Nevertheless, he still has his charms. . .

Carl is a loser, at first. Wife of 6 months left him, been at the same job ~ same position for 5 years. Being more and more anti-social. Renting DVDs every night. Get the picture? Then suddenly BANG! He went to a YES! seminar and he thought he was bound to a covenant of saying YES to everything. If not, bad things will happen. *If life was that easy, rite?*

It was a great change for him. But things don't always goes with YES. You need to say NO sometimes. If you only say YES to always please someone else but yourself, what's the point? Say YES only when you mean it.

Wassup | Got 1 wish, after all

Remember my Christmas wish? Number 2 was granted! Yeay! Finally I got the keys to my *our* place! Which actually brings another meaning ~ renovations, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.

Anyway, I was delighted to get it. But need to wait for the CF before anything can be done to the house. I have no idea when I can move it yet. One at a time, please. . .

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wassup | Kem Yip & Soo Cheng Wedding

Dated 22nd December 2008, Monday. These 2 love-birds got married! Congratulations to Kem Yip & Soo Cheng. All the best wishes to you and enjoy life together. Wish you'll get 'loong fung' kids ~ boy named Tack Wah and girl named Kar Ling. *wink, wink*

... and they lived happily ever after

One for the album

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tis the season to be jolly



Did you get what you wished for?
*checking back my list. . . erm. . .*

Couch Potato | Supernatural Season 4

Previously... On Heroes... *wait a minute. . . wrong series* I saw that one too. It was not as great as I hoped it would be. Anyway, I'm not talking about it now.

Supernatural has gone into Season 4 now. And it's getting better. I was thinking, how can a series of kicking demon a** can last for so long. Well, be dam*ed! It just got better. I know some people might not know about this series. Not like Prison Break or One Tree Hill, that's very popular. I do watch them once in a while.

These 2 hunks; Jensen Ackles ~ Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki ~ Sam Winchester are demon hunters. Slashing demons and ghosts are their jobs. What else can I ask for? Having 2 hot guys getting dirty with blood, slashing evil demons? :p So, get your silver bullets and knives; iron rods and how can I forget ~ SALT *lot's of 'em* ~ and get SUPERNATURAL'ed'

To tease you a bit...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silver Screen | IP MAN

Woah! Just when I thought there was no nice movie for Christmas. Well, I was expecting it to be an English movie. Something Christmasy. Harry Potter was no where to be seen. And since this was on with Donnie Yen, let's do it!

I'm glad I did! It was telling the story of a legendary kungfu master ~ Ip Man *NOT I.P MAN* He was one of Bruce Lee's sifu that taught him Wing Chun. This kungfu was created by a women! Yeay! And it's not sissy for a guy to learn this ya!

Those were the time when learning kungfu is a hobby. In this town, there were dozens of kungfu centre but Ip Man was just a normal guy that just loves practising it and does not have any disciples. When you're good, others will come and challenge you. Ip Man happily and professionally ward these people off. And I must add ~ very stylish too!

Times went bad with the Japs invaded China and this story tells you how he survived it with dignity and pride. I loved it. Maybe you do too!

Visit: http://www.ipman-movie.com/

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wassup | Comic Fest

There was this Comic Fest going on at Sunway Pyramid for 3 days. I went there on the 22nd December. It was because Weng's colleague was selling her comic there. Entrance was a hefty RM15 per person. Worth it? For comic/anime lovers ~ YES.

Here you'll find those art students trying their luck to sell stuff that was originally created by them. Comparing them to the Japs ~ like the sky and the land. But some of them did great. And imagine young kids, young teenagers are sketching by free hand! It was amazing.

The One Academy was sponsoring this event. Thus, an exhibition of arts was there to ignite the school leavers to embark on the journey towards arts. I think that when it comes to arts or anime, The One does comes in mind. See some of their work here!

Not bad, eh?

Besides comic, figurines was on sale. Originals from Japan *I think* Looking at the quality of these, don't you want one for yourself too?

Do you want me?

Cute ones are nice too, you know?

Nope, I didn't any. I dare not ask for the price. Not a super, super, super anime fans. So, ok lah!

Silver Screen | Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Good laugh! Good laugh! I got to watch this for free and got to spend time with my friends. Beverly Hills Chihuahua ~ talking chihuahua to be exact. Dog lovers would like this, especially chihuahua owners. You'll never know that you're having a warrior at your lap!

So, don't treat them bad! Or too nice! And dogs do not need booties for their paws! PLEASE!

Chloe, the main chihuahua was dog-napped! Being a famous dog with a diamond collar? That's inviting trouble. But Chloe found her way of being a true chihuahua with help from the street dogs. Finally found and she lived happily ever after.

What do you mean by "Ha? Is that it?"! Hey! I did say that it was a good laugh! Not a must see :p

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wassup | Party

Hello!!! I'm still in the office at this hour. Doing what you said? Hahahaha... A party in the office! Not any party, it's a Christmas party! We had pork and booze. I'm so freakin' full now. Actually, pork goes nice with liquor.

With the rate I'm going on, I'll be adding a few more kilograms! Even before Chinese New Year! Oh no! Oh no! o_O

We got carols ~ we got games ~ we got pressie exchange *i got the naked boy lamp* I always wanted one of this. Thank you moto-moto!

Uh! Uh! I got another pressie too! One of those is mine... Thank you big boss!

Uh! Uh! Uh! I got a cow pillow too! Erm... No pix yet ~ coz I was too busy hugging it! Thank you boss!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wassup | Broke

Yeap. I'm BROKE. Just look at my credit card statement... Thanks to tinting my car 2 weeks back. I was being bugged every week to get this done. Why? Coz I have a RM150 voucher to use. Even with that, I need to top up RM650! Sigh. . .

Meaning that I can't get a nice Christmas gift for him. Or even for myself. And CNY is coming soon too. I have a vision that I won't be getting new clothes for CNY. Need to spare some dough for home too, you know...

And don't even get me started on next year's trip. Normally, I would have planned something by now for next year's trip. With all the price war going on last few months, I was so tempted! But yeay! I managed to control myself from trashing my credit card. So, you won't be seeing travel entries any soon *boohoo*

On the bright side (or dark side?) I hope to get my own place's key by end this month. Wait a minute ~ doesn't that mean that I need to . . . trash my credit card *yes, you got it right*

Look at a brighter side. . . erm . . . erm . . .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silver Screen | d' Day d' Earth Stood Still

Note 1: Keanu Reeves is the HOTEST looking alien in the universe
Note 2: The movie was OK-OK only
Note 3: Love our planet, EARTH

I can tell you that; if it's not because of Keanu, I won't be watching this in the cinema. OK! OK! It wasn't that bad. There's moral education in this movie. Take care of EARTH before it turns into dust.

The aliens are coming to help Earth, by the means SAVING THE EARTH FROM HUMANS. Thus, humans must die to have the earth to be alive so that earth can start over again. To the aliens, we are a self-destructive species *which was quite true* and we're aren't changing the way we live here. You can do the calculation. . .

Not a bad watch.

Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Connelly

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wassup | Hippo & Giraffe

Aren't these adorable?

Pst! You do know what is it, rite? Hehe. . .

It's obviously not for me. Why on earth do I need 2 stationery holders? o_O

Merry Christmas, gurls!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wassup | Worry

"You looked worried"

"I am? Maybe"

"What are you worrying about?

*shake head*

Hmmm. . . A lot, I think. Worried about the swapping creatives. Worried about the pending reports. Worried about forgetting about something. Worried about my driving. Worried about my life. Worried about us. Worried about this. Worried about that.
Am I worrying too much? Being paranoid. . .

*take it easy, take it easy*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wassup | Joy To The World

In this case is joy to Lin & Alex. For their newborn boy ~ Wayne Ooi. Safely joined us on 5th Dec 2008. I was told that the date was supposed to be mid-Dec. I think he wants to meet his mommy and daddy earlier!

"Hello, world!"

Lin, now her designation has been upgraded to "MOM". Cannot play-play already. And I've also been upgraded to become "AUNTY". Yes. I'm getting older by the day. I don't think any kids will be calling me "CHE CHE" anymore *translation: big sister"

Me having a bad day, a day before. Looking at the yawning of this little kiddo just made my day seems brighter. Little wonders, eh? Wayne will be loved and pampered by everyone as he's the first baby in Lin's and Alex's family, as well as the first baby among their gang of friends. Imagine what he'll get for his birthday. . . WOW!


Friday, December 5, 2008


I broke down today. And when I needed someone to talk to. . . I have no one. . . At this moment I have no one to sigh, to grunt, to listen and to many, many more things. It's a Friday and a long weekend to look forward to. But today was really not a good day for me. I'm not sure is this what I want now and in the future. I feel that my heart is at the bottom of my feet and it's just tagging along with me to keep me alive.

Today was really, really bad . . . and having no one free enough to pay attention. That's freakin' empty. . .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wassup | 小酒窝 (Small Dimple) - JJ Lin & Ah Sa

Great song! Must listen. Makes you go 'ahhhhhhh' *sweet, sweet oh*

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wassup | Making a list, checking it twice

All I want for Christmas . . .

1. erm... isn't it obvious?
2. get my new house key
3. maybe a DSLR?


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silver Screen | Bolt

Where have all those Wednesday movie nights gone? I used to go for Wednesday show with Weng *coz cheaper mah* Since both so busy, weekends are the only time to hit the cinema. Sigh. . .

Latest catch-up ~ BOLT. I'm a sucker for animation *it's not called cartoon, ok? someone told me that*

Meet BOLT! The super-hero dog. With super heat laser vision, super strength, super speed *aiyah! like superman la* But I tell you a secret, things are not what it seems to be. It's actually a make-believe story for BOLT.

He's actually an actor for a superdog series. Starring with his 'human' called Jenny. He'll do anything to keep Jenny safe which is really hilarious when he accidentally got out from the studio. Ended up with Mitten, a cat and Rhino a weird hamster in a plastic sphere. It's difficult to convince a superdog that he's just a normal dog.

But nothing beats Madagascar 2. But this will make you go 'ahhhhh, that's cute'

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wassup | Benefit'cial' & Dior'ed'

Salary not in yet. But see what I got! VALUE BUYS! *I'm a smart shopper (not)* You see, I'm working in a building that has these cosmetics distributor offices. And what would you know? It has SALE! Year end, I think. Hence, clearing up old stocks? I don't mind. It makes a cool Christmas gift (for myself, hehe)

First! There was BENEFIT! Those STAR buys are not for sales. But I did manage to get 3 eyeshadows with RM80! Cheap leh? Colours selections are not bad too. But have to go early, coz the next day I went ~ not much to choose *why am I going for the 2nd time? still got heart to buy more lah*

For those Benefit lovers, you all should know what's the normal price. Uh! And the packaging is to die for!
bunny hop, get figgy, stiletto
*check out the names*

Then, there was DIOR! Not my type of stuff. But hey! It's on sale. And I got myself a travelling sized cosmetic set. RM100 for 1; RM180 for 2. Being a smart "shopper", I shared it with my colleague ~ RuRu.

I have a feeling that I will keep this for a while before I have the heart to use it. It looks so nice... don't you think? And thanks for "buying" for me, Weng! *muaks!*


And girls, Dior is still on for tomorrow. Head to Menara Milinium, ya! But Benefit has ended it's 2 days sales. Next time, maybe?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cubicle | Birthdays Galore

When there's birthday ~ there will be cake

And when there's birthday"S" ~ there will be cake"S"

I had 3 birthday cakes within 3 days! OMG! Look at the waistline. . . I'm expanding loh! But I can't complain too much eh? Shhhhh!!!!! One is my boss's and another one is a colleague ~ JC & Rock D.

And since I'm at my new place which is far from my gym. . . You do the calculations. So, don't be surprised to see me later ~ wah! nicole. . . "hou jue, hou sek" now. *translation: good life*

So, here wishing both of you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
May all your dreams and wishes comes true.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wassup | The Oath

Howdy, people! It's been a while y'all. Works been busy. Weekends been busy. Driving . . . erm . . . still progressing. *even the Perodua service center has made a friendly call about my 1st car service* I'm trying my best to hit 1000, ok?

Last week Saturday, another night of clubbing a.k.a "kasi minum sampai mati". This time with my colleagues. So, the phrase "kasi minum sampai mati" cannot be used here. It was a bachelor's night party for DK. I'm bound to a deadly oath that I can't break. Or else . . . *muahahaha (evil laugh)* It was my first time going out with 15 people! One word ~ CRAZY! And fun. And talking about fun . . . I didn't get a chance to play Wii *sob~sob* Too bad ler. . . *I'm still on the other side of the window looking in*

p/s: I can post non-human pixs, rite?

* * * * *

Anyway, the gang went to Luna Bar and all eat "pak kor" (translation: didn't caught any fish) and stories that Ah Weng got fished by the same gender? OMG!!! *Now I really need to be afraid* Heard that the place is nice with great views of KL. Surely will be visiting there soon. Can't finish a bottle without me, eh?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wassup | Milestone


I drove back to my house! It took a bit longer than my dad fetching me back. BUT HEY! I did it! I know I'm a bit slow on this. It's been a month and I'm still not driving on my own. And the mileage is just around 300. *paiseh*

Uh! Uh! Last Sunday I drove all the way to The Curve. *Quoted from Weng ~ "So long to reach The Curve, today..."* OK, OK. I'll try to drive faster *_*

A milestone for me :)

p/s: Rachel, we'll have our crab session soon *soon, ahhh*

Wassup | Kasi Minum Sama Dia!

Last Saturday was real !FUN! people! Thanks for showing up. I know most of the attendees needed to de-stress. I'm not sure whether this drinking session helped but at least we had a good time rite?

The drinking session was not suppose to happened BUT... someone went drinking without me lor. So, wants to make it up with me, I get to go drinking BUT not with his friends. With my friends. Excuse? Saying that if I go drinking with his friends, he will end up ignoring me. *I wonder why*

Anyway, I hope to meet up again. Want or not??? *KASI MINUM SAMA DIA!*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silver Screen | Madagascar 2 : Escape Africa

"I like to move it move it

She like to move it move it

He like to move it move it

We like to ~ MOVE IT!!!"

Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Time: 9.30pm
Occasion: PREMIERE screening ~ Madagascar 2 : Escape Africa

Wo-hoo! I got to see this way earlier! It was to be up on screen on 13th Nov. Tickled all my funny bones. Good remedy for stress, for sure.

Same gang ~ still trying to get back to New York but stumbled to Africa where they finally felt like home. Alex, King of New York came back to his birthplace and reunited with his parents. His dad thought he was a real king, thinking to name him as his successor but Daddy didn't see what's coming for him *lol*

A good watch. Go LAUGH! Be HAPPY! *i needed it*


Side-track a bit. I just couldn't resist snapping this at one of the stores in MV. I was there earlier with a few colleagues. Of coz, went shopping *window, only* I can control myself, i can control myself *hypnotizing myself*

I didn't know there was this section ~ petites, sizes 4-14 for 5'3" and UNDER? I think I found a place for you, Audrey...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wassup | On Sunday Morning

Yeap! That's what I was doing this morning. Dengan semangat berkobar-kobar, I woke up at 8am on SUNDAY MORNING!!! It took me 2 hours to wash my car. It's actually very clean, you might say coz I wasn't really driving it a lot. Still in my practising period.

Today is also The Terry Fox Run @ Lake Garden. Weng decided to join this charity run. Good cause! According to him, it was a 5km run. I'm not too sure about it. But it doesn't matter. It's for charity. Do some good, people!
Finally got a chance to sit down and grab a bit with Weng at Jaya One, where he had a 2 hours hair cut. I kinda dozed off at the sofa. Malunye! Hanazen was cloased for lunch at 3pm ~ no Japs today -_- Really wanted to try it coz Weng kept eating there! Argh! I want Japs! Anyway, no use pounding on people's restaurant when there's this huge CLOSE sign smacked on their glass door. Next time loh...

So, we settled in SunWong ~ a Hongkie style restaurant. It was not bad, actually. You should try this drink ~ Fresh Vege Apple Juice. Very appetizing! And look at the presentation!

Fresh Vege Apple Juice

And you have to try the noodle in SHARK FIN BONES SOUP! It has many varieties but I've chosen the Japanese Style Pork Rib Rice Noodle *hey! does this consider Japs food? ~nah~* I liked it. Wanna try? Head to Jaya One. The restaurant is facing UTAR @ LG floor.

Japs Style Pork Rib Noodle


This is recommended *by me* EAGLE EYE. Luckily that we managed to catch it before it was taken off the screens. Obviously you all remembered Shia LaBeouf from the hit Transformer. Well, he's grown up and grown a bread. And there's Michelle Monaghan from Made of Honor. It's quite intense, the movie. I didn't even realized that it was 2 hours long!

Jerry Shaw and Rachel are 2 strangers are thrown together by a mysterious phone call. Threatening their lives and family, they need to obey this phone calls that seems to know what they were doing all the time. Like a eagle *thus the name Eagle Eye, you might have known that already* Staying alive and investigating on what happened to Jerry's twin brother before he died was the main core of the movie. Then. . . . . (too much info ~ no good, someone/thing might be watching) Pst! It's all have to do with computers. SO, BEWARE!!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wassup | I see scary people

Doesn't this make your spine chill? *muahahaha* No worries, it's just props. Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia ~ a Silent Halloween party came to live @ BBC. Marked as the first silent party in Malaysia. What you said? Silent party? How to be silent when there's a party? Please google it up, ya? This shall not become a history class to you all.

There was fun and prizes along the way. Of coz the grand prize is a phone. That's when Nokia came into the picture. No, I didn't win any. If I did, I would brag about it at the beginning of this entry.

Bloggers everywhere! Dressed in scary *kinda* outfit. Some really did a great job ~ a guy dressed as a gal. Now, that's scary. I think he/she won the best dressed female! I tried my best to snap some of the pix. *I'm a shy girl, ok?*

Here you go ~ 2 mummies, 1 Kurt Cobain, 1 dead Barbie, 1 phantom, 1 MJ
(pst! Kenny Sia =MJ!)

What's a party without bands? Coming from Nokia's IAC (Independent Artists Club), 40 Winks rocked the party with their tunes! There was 3 more bands (which I couldn't remember the names ~ proves what ya?) Uh! Uh! There's this hip-hop duo ~ dunno what's the name (sigh... getting old nowadays) These two bands are the best! Long live local music!
(edited: The hip-hop dua is called THOSE 2)

In total ~~~ Party was great! Kudos to Nuffnang. Thanks Nokia.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Full House

Yeay! *beaming with JOY!* We managed to meet up for dinner. . . I missed him soooooo much. . . . We went to this place @ NZX, Ara Damansara. FULL HOUSE. Sound like the korean drama, rite? Well, it does hail from Korea.

The deco's are not bad. Very fairy-tale like. All white. Plus it's a store too. You can buy from clothes to dishes!

The food was nice and affordable. Not too much choices. Selections from Western to Asian food. I wanted to try the Soft Shell Crab Salad but ~ no more woh. -_- No choice. . . went with the Foot Long Sausage *which was cut into 4 pieces* I want 1 foot. Not 1 foot divide by 4! Weng took the Smoked Salmon Sandwich ~ which was kinda weird. I'm the one that's into raw food. I wonder why??? Portion was just nice.

And how can I forget about the dessert? Tiramisu, of course! Nothing to brag about here. OK-OK lah.
The place is nice for gatherings. Ambient gets high score. Service not bad. All well-trained ~ not Malaysian, mind you.

Worth a try. I will go back there. . .