Monday, June 30, 2008

Wassup | Doggie Day

This is my second time to this event. Held @ Central Park, Bandar Utama which is opposite of One Utama ~ DOG OLYMPICS ~

I love dogs but I don't have one. Why?
  • I'm not sure whether I can take care of it.
  • I stay at a Malay housing area.

Well, these doesn't stop me from going to this event. Going to this you can see that actually there are many dog owners out there. It's just that because this is a Malay country, they kinda hide inside their homes. Some of the dogs are really cool. The way I put it is, they're HANDSOME... Hehehe...

It was a bit gloomy and a bit of rain in the morning. But it didn't stop me nor the dog owners to come out and have fun with their dogs. There are activities, contests and performance for the dogs to participate. But the one thing I love going here is to look at the lovely dogs. Uhhhh... some of them are very cute!!!

Meet BUBU ~ Rachel's

And DREAMY ~ Alf's

There is another one coming up at 10th August @ UPM

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Silver Screen | Wanted

"What the fu** you've been doing?"

OK... OK... I'm not provoking you people. Hehehe... This was actually the last line from the latest Angelina Jolie movie. WANTED.
This is a must see movie. Firstly, I thought, well, Jolie was in the movie ~ so should be OK lah. But it turns out that WOAH!!!

Starred by a nerdy but buffed up guy, James McAvoy. He's kinda cool. Especially when he became an assassin. There's also the old-timer, Morgan Freeman. You'll start thinking ~ is he the good guy? Or bad guy? And there is Angelina Jolie... She's waaaaayyyyy cooooollll!!!!
Angelina Jolie ~ as cool as ever...

James McAvoy ~ yummy!

Wesley Benson is a pitiful accountant, has a cheating girlfriend that cheats with his good colleague, lives in a crappy house. Little that he knows, he is actually an assassin's son. He'll be recruited and trained to be an assassin by Fox and the others Fraternity brothers. Fraternity is an ancient organization that assassinates people.

The storyline is a bit twisted in a good way. I shall not reveal the whole story. Leave it to you guys to find out. I can tell you that you won't regret it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cubicle | HOT! HOT! HOT!

~SSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss.....~ smokin'

So... what's cooking? Someone has a "soupy" date!!!!! Muahaha. . . .

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Duck King

I must have been really stingy nowadays (or really poor). There weren't any food blog here for quite some time. Fret not, here is a nice place for duck lovers simply called DUCK KING.

Situated at a new place, Jaya One - Section 13, PJ. It's an all new offices with loads of restaurants coming up. So, keep a look-out here. Okay. Let's talk about ducks! Actually you can get all those 'lap mei' such as roast pork ~ 'cha siew' and 'siew yuk', roast piglings ~ 'yue chue' plus other delicacies ~ shark fin soup, abalone, etc. For the price, you need to check it yourself.

We did ordered the 'cha siew', 'siew yuk' as well as 'chue cheong' and roast duck. Portion was quite small for the price. Nothing to brag about except the roast duck. It was crispy and tasty. No wonder this place is called Duck King and not Pork King.

Other than these fatty stuff, we ordered ~ my favourite fried kai lan. Loved the crispyness. Oh! and a tofu dish ~ salted fish with pork. OK OK lah.

To be frank, I won't be going here for the second time. Sorry lah. Those interested can give it a try!

Thanks ~

Monday, June 23, 2008

Silver Screen | Kung Fu Panda

"Everybody loves kung fu fighting"

I was a bit late in watching this. Heard from everyone that it was good. Well, it was good. And, since I'm having a bad week, having a laugh was good.

There is this valley where all animals live in harmony and keeping it save are these 5 cool kung fu master, The Legendary Furious Five ~ Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane under the leadership of their guru ~ Master Shifu. And there is PO, the panda aka noodle boy. He dreams about being a kung fu master rather than to succeed his father's noodle business. You might have guessed it right ~ PO is clumsy, fat and knows nothing about kung fu.

Accidently, PO was selected as the Dragon Warrior. While Tai Lung aka baddie, broke loose from jail and comes back to the valley for revenge. It is up to PO to stop him. But before that he needs to endure delicate trainings from Master Shifu.

Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will he just sit on Tai Lung? Have a laugh while you go get the answer.

Check out the site:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wassup | June Babies

Well, enough of whining.

Other stuff does happens in June. And June must be really good month as I have tons of people are June babies.

June 18th ~ Celyn
June 20th ~ Ah Nie
June 21st ~ my bro, KW and Ah Bong


Well, not really tons lah. Hope all of your wishes and dreams comes true...

We got something for Ah Nie and Ah Bong for their BIG DAY. Didn't manage to snap Ah Bong's as it's still in the box, unopened. Haven't reach to his hands yet. Poor Ah Bong, he fell sick a few days before. GET WELL SOON, AH BONG!!!!!!!!! This I must show ~ very cute desu... Don't you think so?

See the resemblances?

Smelling good, Ah Bong?

Cubicle | 934 days ~ 2 yrs, 6 mths, 21 days

Been missing for a nearly a week... Not that I don't want to blog anymore. My heart went stale when I got some news on Thursday. The happy news that I was longing to hear and get was not happy anymore. It was been delayed, as "explained". Put any nice words into it, more promises into it, but still it has been delayed.

934 days. That's how long. Of course minus-ing Sat and Sun, holidays and leaves. All I got was just barely enough for me to pay my loans. Yes! I'm truly sad and angry at the same time. But as Ah Bu said ~ "yan si, yan liu, tu yiu yan mai ha guo yuet" (i cant't translate as it is, but the meaning is whatever is it, must suck it up and wait till next month)

So, let's start the countdown to next month ~ 33 days

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wassup | DOMO

~Weng's DOMO~
Do you know who is this? Neh. . . There is a animation on this on TV. I can't remember which station. This is DOMO. He does have legs and hands. It's just that this is just he's head. To be exact, his square head.

I think I have this thing with heads. I re-counted. . . Actually I have a collection of 'heady stuff. See?

"Off with their heads!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cubicle | Starbucks Dark Mocha

It doesn't cost RM63 for 1 cup! It's RM15++. Quite a bit, rite? Well, it's worth every sen of it. The taste is very DARK...If you're a dark cocoa lover, this cannot be missed! We got 4 for each of us ~ Nala, Rachel, Ah Nie and me. And all of us went "UUUHHHHH...."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cubicle | Split Identity

Meet our latest pet! Erm. . . I don't think that he has a name. Anyway, he belongs to Ah Bu. One day she cannot stand the cuteness so she brought him back. The question is ~ is he a horse? is he a donkey? No one seems to have the answer. Everyone here in the cubicle are crazy about him! Who cares that he's a donkey or a horse wannabe (he has a Ferrari logo on his chest) But, by today Ah Bu has taken him home (boo! hoo!). Why? All because of Ah Bong! He tried to do whole lot's of stunt on him.
Am I adorable? (aaaahhhhh)
He does look a bit puzzled, rite? Still thinking whether he's a donkey (eeeyooore!!!) or horse (nnyeehhh!!!)

Okay! Back to work!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 3

Last but not least. SHOPPING! Is a must for me. . . Things here are considereably cheap. You must bargain with them. Need to be tougher than them. Not like Bangkok. Here, they are more ganas. Cannot "e... e..., eh... eh..."

We took a "tuk-tuk" to the market, TBH150 (RM1.50++) per person. (It's actually TBH15 ~ Thanks!) Around 5 minutes ride. It's not a wet market, mind you. It's where all hell broke loose (at least for me). I went for shopping spree. Bought some bags there. So, in total ~ I got shoes, top, bags and food. Not bad, actually. Hehe. Oh yea! T-shirts and football jerseys are cheap there. Imitation lah. But looks good.
Shop, shop and shop

So, there! What a weekend! ~Bon Voyage, Hadyai!~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 2

Where was I? Oh yea! Walking through the border. After clearing the customs, head for a van ride to the Hadyai city. It was said to take 45 minutes. But don't know what happened, the driver was a bit slow. I think we took about an hour to reach our destination.

First, we went for lunch at Kan Eng. Great food! Just a little note, those who've been to Phuket, there is a Kan Eng 2 there. It's totally different. Kan Eng @ Hadyai is far more better.

Great food @ Kan Eng, Hadyai

Kan Eng 2 @ Phuket ~ not so good

After a hefty lunch, we look for our Hotel Central. By the way, it's not that central. Need to walk a bit to reach the shopping mall. Novotel and Lee Gardens Hotel are smacked in the middle of the shopping malls. Not too much at the malls. There are stalls around there. A mini size Chatuchak. Managed to buy myself a handbag at TBH150 (RM15++) Wohoo!

Hadyai Central Hotel

Streets @ Hadyai

Did I mentioned that it's a food heaven here? You can get foods all around the streets. Weng and Rachel adored the Mango Pulut. They ate, I think about 3-4 packs within 2 days! Talk about foodholics!

Mango Pulut ~ yummy!

Uh! Uh! You'll never believe that we actually ate a TBH129 (RM13++) buffet at level 33 of a hotel! Lee Gardens Hotel, to be exact. Cheap leh? But the variety wasn't as good as it was before, according to Jay. Well, what can I ask for more at RM13++. Got fried rice, fried chicken, roasted duck, tomyam soup, ice-creams, veggies, kuihs, etc.

Seeing is believing ~ truly

Next stop ~ SHOPPING!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Trippin | Ipoh - Alor Setar - Hadyai ~ Part 1

Itinerary for last weekend
Thurs.5th June.PM - Ipoh & Alor Setar
Fri.6th June.AM - Hadyai
Sat.7th June.PM - Alor Setar
Sun.8th June.AM - Ipoh & KL

Wow! What a weekend. Went for road trip with Weng, Rachel and Jay (not Jay Chou ler). Since Friday is a holiday, I tagged along with Rachel to Hadyai. First time being there and I whought that it would be something like Bangkok. But no, it wasn't. It's a scaled-down of Bangkok. Did a bit of shopping. But not much variety there. Maybe it was a bit too rush. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it there.

Why it's a road trip? Coz, we drove there and walked through the Mal-Thai border. Kinda weird for me. But the checks are thorough. While coming back to Malaysia, we got checked 3 times! Maybe we look like Thais? Asking "Dari mana?". Rachel answered "KL". He was a bit surprised as he was aspecting "Dari Malaysia" o_O


Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wassup | Cutie

Cute hor?

Must be singing Jay Chou's song
yam seng!
Yummy! From Weng...

Wassup | Petrol warzone

Behold! This is the last time you will see the petrol price at RM1.92

Yeap! Officially today, 5th June is when our petrol price hiked the most at RM0.78. Making it RM2.70 per litre! Now I can scrape my plan on having my own wheels.

Haih...I have no problem with taking the public transport but looking at what we have here... it's a nightmare! The monorail, komuter, LRT are packed as sardines, especially now, during the school holidays.

So, talking about yesterday's highlight on every news. Total traffic jam around the petrol stations. People are queueing up for the last chance to fill up their tanks with RM1.92 per litre. Yes, I'm one of them (actually my dad is one of them lah). It was the longest petrol trip for me. 1 solid hour - queue up, fill up, get out. Pity for those 2 Bangladeshi. I think they're pretty surprised with all these people.
Look at that! You can only see this in Malaysia. (Malaysia Boleh!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wassup | out of words

selfish ~ self-ish ~ 自私 (zi si)
Meaning: devoted to or caring only for oneself.

(not) understanding ~ un-der-stand-ing ~ 理解 (li jie)
Meaning: a state of cooperative or mutually tolerant relations between people.

I think that I have the tendency to make people angry with me. Even Ah Nie is mad at me. *sob*sob*
My remedy to keep me sane and not to sob uncontrollably.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Silver Screen | Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy is back! After 20 years he's still up and kicking. At 66 years old, Harrison Ford made a grand comeback. Better than Rambo 4 (purely my opinion ~ sorry ya, Rambo fans out there!)

Talking back to the movie. It's about these crystal skull which looks like an alien. It has been stolen for quite some time and it needs to be returned to its place called Akator. As I was saying at age 66, Indy can't be doing all the hard work himself. So, here comes Henry Jr. aka Mutt aka the son of Indy himself. Remember the kid from Transformers? Yeap! That's him. Shia LaBeouf. He's OK OK lah.
Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeaof

Can't expect much from this 4th installment. Same ol' same ol'. Treasure hunt. Get caught-get away-get caught again-get caught again-get away. You get what I mean? Nonetheless, it's funny. I liked it. Uh! Uh! And the soundtrack. Reminds me of my 'younger' days! I'm not implementing that I'm not 'young'. o_O