Monday, June 30, 2008

Wassup | Doggie Day

This is my second time to this event. Held @ Central Park, Bandar Utama which is opposite of One Utama ~ DOG OLYMPICS ~

I love dogs but I don't have one. Why?
  • I'm not sure whether I can take care of it.
  • I stay at a Malay housing area.

Well, these doesn't stop me from going to this event. Going to this you can see that actually there are many dog owners out there. It's just that because this is a Malay country, they kinda hide inside their homes. Some of the dogs are really cool. The way I put it is, they're HANDSOME... Hehehe...

It was a bit gloomy and a bit of rain in the morning. But it didn't stop me nor the dog owners to come out and have fun with their dogs. There are activities, contests and performance for the dogs to participate. But the one thing I love going here is to look at the lovely dogs. Uhhhh... some of them are very cute!!!

Meet BUBU ~ Rachel's

And DREAMY ~ Alf's

There is another one coming up at 10th August @ UPM

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Kess & Her Mama said...

Hi Nicole,
I was at the Dog Olympic Day. If you like dogs, come by my blog.