Saturday, March 28, 2009

Halo | Nice

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Halo | Life after Edward Cullen

Hmmmmm... I will miss Edward Cullen. Yeah, I will.

Finished Breaking Dawn a week ago. And I have yet to get a nice book to dig in. I liked the Twilight series, the storyline that is. Stephanie Mayer did a good teenager-styled vampire line-ups. Maybe I should try a more mature vampire book.

Anyway, that was history. No more Edward Cullen. No more Bella Cullen. No more Reneesme Cullen.

So, what's life after Edward Cullen??? And no book at the moment *Pst! I'm open to any suggestions. Any nice book to recommend?*


Yeap. I've been addicted to Loco Roco 2. Got this downloaded and I just can't stop!!! I loved Loco Roco 1 which I finished ages ago and I still have it in my PSP. Now! Loco Roco 2. OMG! It has twice the fun! I'm not sure about the others PSP'ians, but I LOVE those cuties! I can play, re-play and re-play and re-play and I can still play. OK. I'm on it now! BYE!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trippin | 7-11

Of course not! My small trippin is not to 7-11! But I do feel like a 7-11, eating non-stop from the start of the journey on Saturday and ends only on Sunday night!

Oh! I haven't told you where's the destination. Take a wild guess! It's 1 1/2 drive, has lot's of historical values. YES! It's Melaka (yet, again) It's actually a small gathering with my kelabu serata dunia colleagues. Gary came up all the way from Singapore just to eat all the way with us. I think he might gain a few cm?

This time around we stayed at Tang House. It's a guest house, very nice, very affordable. I paid RM55 for a twin sharing room. Rooms are very clean, air-conditioned and most of the stuff are from IKEA! *surprised leh?* [single room: RM35, triple room: RM70]

Tang House - next to the Jonker Street stage

Only mattresses, pillows and blankets are available. No bed frame but I don't mind. There's 4 common bathrooms/toilets outside the room, an open-air pantry at the back. Downstairs, a small cafe and 2 PC for your surfing purposes *CAUTION: do not do work here. I ended up dreaming of YAHOO!*

Not bad, rite?

Tang House
80-1 Jalan Tokong, Melaka
606 -283 3969

Let the food journey begin. . . I shall not go into every detail *every minute of the 24/7 eating spree* There's no missing the chicken ball rice.

That's Gary, by the way *waiting to dig in*

Here comes the cendol. It's a must have item too! Just can't have enough of the gula Melaka, right Rachel? =)

Waiting to be served

Let's take a breather. Take a deep breath in....... and let go! OK. Did you know that early morning, there's this small lane at Jonker Street - sells old stuff? From old records to old bowls. Old big cassettes to old currency. Nice place, with old folks selling antique stuff.

Where were we? Ahhh.... YES. Food! We had this seafood dinner at Muara Sg Duyung. It was nice. Remember the last trip I went to Melaka and only manage to snap the nasi lemak photo only? Well, here you go. The rest of the menu. Squid *must order, fried*, pari fish, crab *don't order crab here* and the erm. . . *long, long seafood thingy* What it's called? No idea.

Tada! Mission accomplished

OK. Here's the last stop for the food. Tried this cake once from Audrey and Tim. Tasted great. So I took the gang and gobbled down 5 slices of cakes. This layer cake comes in various flavour. We've tried Original, Choco Banana, Rum & Raisin and Strawberry. And number 5 is 1 ugly looking shortcake. I personally like the Original taste. Too bad I can't pack some back to KL. It's freshly made and can't last long. Sigh... Next time ler...

Oh. It's at Plaza Mahkota, near Mahkota Parade. But fret not. There's one branch in Dataran Pahwalan Megamall.

Here's the shop - Nadeje



*Do I need to say more? Hehehe*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Screen | Where's all the good ones?

Don't you think that there's not much to see at the cinema nowadays? First there was the Dragonball Evolution *I personally thing that it didn't evolve* I don't intend to watch it. Heard from friends that it was a flop. Something similar to Forbidden Kingdom. So, you won't see me "kame hame ha"ing


When there is Dragon Ball, Street Fighter follows. Is this a competition? Or people are just running out of ideas? No matter what's the answer will be. . . Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li was released. I feel pity for Kristen Kruek *she's the cute one ~ Lana in Smallville* Having to finally come on the silver screen, but with this movie. And nope, I don't intend to watch this too.

~don't think so~

And finally settling in with Watchmen. Caution! It's 3 hours long! The story was not bad, actually BUT it was way too long. Too much details.

It was about ordinary people dressing up as superheroes to protect the city. They are called Watchmen. When the old team retires, a new team was formed. Like showbiz! It sounds kinda lame. But the end story was rather about people and wars. Sacrifice is needed to save the entire world from a nuclear war. It's that simple. I don't understand why it's 3 hours long!

I won't be recommending this to those superheroes movie fanatics. It's nothing much on the superheroes, actually.


Here's something to anticipate! Nicholas Cage *ahhhh*... The title seems to be a bit boring. But I can assure you that it's good. Going by the name "Knowing" simply means that knowing the future. I saw the movie preview and kinda get what's the movie talking about.


Can you resist Dominic? Or Brian? Or the cool wheels? No matter what it is, you wouldn't want to miss Fast & Furious *4th sequel* Coming to the screen on April 4th! Wohoo!!! I love the husky voice of Vin Diesel. Love the wheels. Do I need to say more??? :p

~must see~

Everyone's anticipation of the Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Watching the trailer and that transforming sound still makes me tingling all over. ~Patience~Patience~ Need to wait till 26th June to see Optimus Prime and the gang.

~not to miss~

These are the movies I'm really looking forward to. Now we're talking.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Halo | Bean~Bean

Look-ky what I got!

Saw this cool straw when I was getting my fav Bean Bean. I miss you Bean Bean...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food | Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Running out of idea to have what for dinner. There's this new mall at PJ ~ Tropicana City Mall. I looks huge. But it was an OK OK size. Nothing much is in there yet. Still very new. Borders, Starbucks, Carrefour. . . erm . . . can lah. The human stuff are there. Don't think it will die.

Anyway, food was not plenty here. So, we went to this Sushi Tei. Comparing with Kenny Rogers next door, this place has more patrons. I'm a Japs food lover, so, we tried. And the result? Wasn't that good. It's not like *bleh, I want to vomit* But it was normal. I prefer Sushi Zanmai, anytime!

Started off with my favourite soft shell crab. A bit oily, just whack lah. As some people ~ lazy to eat real crabs with me -_- How can you be so lazy?

I think this is the Chicken Don. One word ~ DRY. Not a good try. Feel free to order other food on the menu.

The soba was better. I'm a soupy person. So anything that's soupy, I can finish it up with an empty bowl! Even can see my own reflection on the bowl.

Conclusion: NORMAL. Not a place where you go "Waaaahhhh". It's worth a try =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Halo | It's war!


Wohoo! I survived a WAR! *The paint can wash off easily ~hee hee* This was my very first time for Paintball. It was terrifying! I nearly fainted after the 1st game. Luckily I pulled through. We won for both games but I wasn't the hero. Nor I hid myself. I fired the gun *it's called marker*, all the bullets *it's called pallets*

Some of them carry their personal marker. Look at these babies! You can really kill someone with these. Thank GOD I wasn't shot by these.

You don't want to be messing with these guys

The "bullets"

Looks harmless, right? Don't make any assumption. These are killers! You'll be easily bruised with these. Everyone has 100 of these to start off each game. As you can see, I was "shot". I didn't go down easily... *not sure if I really got the guy that shot me =.=*

Here's the venue: Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam. It was about 1/2 hour drive from PJ. Well, it felt like 1/2 hour. My heart was thumping so much *scared*

Tired with just 2 games. Sigh... It's been a while that I've exercise. My legs would hurt for the weekend. No squatting, walking funnily, etc.

Fret not, we had a massage at Andana Spa, Glenmarie. We ate, ate, sleep, massage. Ahhhhh... It's a nice place to relax. I think the normal package is around RM140++ ?? I can't remember. This time I didn't have to pay ^-^

And what did I get after a day? 2 humoungus bruise on my arm. Correction: 3 bruises on arm and 1 on the knee. Well, it's a proof that I played paintball. Not like some people ~ clean from bruise and paint after 2 games! Hello? Did you play or just hide behind the tree?

It's FUN
. You should try it!

Halo | 1 week of rain in 2 hours

Well, that was the newspaper title for last week. What you didn't know is some people's modem or router was electrocuted. One of it was mine. Nearly serving me for 2 years and it finally 'kong'. So, I was offline for a week.

Anyway, quickly got myself a new router, same brand, same price *after 2 years, it was a surprise to me* But hey! LOOK! It has a new casing. Quite nice comparing with the old one.

The new look

2 years back

So, here I am again. Blabbering again to those who's here =) Got stuff to talk about. WAR, FOOD, etc. etc... STAY TUNED!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Halo | A gleam of light

Do you know a saying ~ every cloud has a silver lining? There might actually be a silver lining after all.

But still, I do not have the answer for the previous question. . .

Halo | What do I want to do?

If only it was that simple to answer.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Halo | roo bee nee

Noticed a new ad about kitchen ware? Rubine, pronounced as 'roo bee nee'. The most successful incident for today was buying 2 kitchen sinks and 1 water tap with a low price! Yeay! *cricket sound*

OK OK. Maybe some of you don't understand this. We were at the shop for 2 hours as it was real packed for the clearance sale. Finally I got the sales lady and locked down a low price. I'm not sure whether it's because she's blurred or she really wants to give us extra discount. The double sink was supposed to be 30% off. But she wrote RM100 lesser, making a 50% slash! GOOD FOR ME. Of course I kept quiet and went out the store after paying :)