Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halo | Happy Anniversary!

Wow! Imagine that? 11 YEARS!
...and more to come...


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Halo | Mooncake

Finally got my hands on the Mooncake that I wanted. I mean the Mooncake box that I wanted. Hehehe. Everyone is trying their best with the best packaging. This year my top choice would be Casahana. Then Baker's Cottage.

This time, Casahana come out with a cute jewelry box! I love small drawers. Small and lotsa drawers! But with Mooncake, you can only have 4 drawers. I just love it! I haven't fill it up with my precious stuff yet. Have a look!


Of course it comes with 4 Mooncakes. But the flavours are defaulted. No changes can be made. It's RM69.90 but... you can get 10% off (in 1U)

Happy Mooncake Shopping!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halo | Hairy Tales

Be afraid... Be very afraid...


Not that scary, after all =)

It's just me, getting my hair cut

*photo courtesy of ButherWeng

Screen | Yellow Boots

No, this is not a fashion statement

It's just that Ah Chu is back in PCK Ptd Ltd: The Movie =) But before you get all your hopes high, I feel that the series are better. Maybe the movis is giving a serious note to the people. Is it because most Singaporean movies are educational? Hmmm...

So, Gurmit Singh is back with the mole and yellow boots making PCK back in action. Not the full force is in. Ah Beng, Margaret, Aloysius and Ah Goon is MIA. But that doesn't mean it won't tickle you =)

Head on to the cinema if want to catch a last glimpse of the gang =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Halo | Beer Belly

This is Homer Simpson. As you can see he has a beer belly. And you ask: why on earth I'm talking about beer belly. Sigh....

I think I have to cut down on my Friday's time-out. If not, I'll end up like Homer soon... LOL!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Halo | Green Tea Cake

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Yummy! I meant the Green Tea Cake. LOL! It's from Tong Kee Bread & Tarts. I got to know that they have 3 stores ~ Damansara Utama, Kepong and Puchong. It seems like cakes are having better selections now. Not just Secret Recipe.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Screen | Twilight : Eclipse

Ahhhh...... Finally got to watch Eclipse. I know I'm a bit late but still managed to catch it before it came down.

Edward... as charming as ever.... Jacob still buffed but slightly thinner. Bella as usual. I remember this chapter was supposed to have a great battle. But it wasn't that great up at the screen. And it was long-winding between Edward, Bella and Jacob. No surprise there.

I really really hoped the last chapter ~ New Dawn would end with a blast! Heard that it would be broken up into 2 movies. *smart way to get more money from the fans* So, let the long wait begin...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Halo | House Warm

Who could go for a house warming without bearing any gifts? Well, we didn't really got Nala this Absolut Vodka. It was at his house and I wanted to try it. We got him a JD lah. Which I think he still likes whiskey geh...

What to do at a new house? Explore! Nothing much yet. Especially he has kept his GF away from us. BooHoo! The house was big and quite empty... without TV.... So, we amuse ourselves with the green wall in the living room. LOL! He has a thing for GREEN, I think...

So, Nala ~~ hope you get a new TV soon. And let us get to know the lady of da' house!

our entertainment wall

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Halo | Plannin

This year was only Bangkok and a short one to Singapore. I hoped it could be more. But it's better than nothing. So, what's the plan next? We still have yet to go for our honeymoon. Hmmm...

The plan was to Melbourne. But then, I have a sudden plan to go to Wuxi, China for visiting. So, how to fill in 2 trips? Melbourne would cost a bomb. China would be still ok as food and accommodation will be supported =) Plan: February

How about Melbourne? The best time to visit as I was told is in April. Autumn. Do you think we can make it? Fingers crossed as I wait patiently for MAS Fair and MATTA Fair and of coz the crazy deals that AIR ASIA would have...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Halo | Pocket Damage

Yeap. A big hole in my pocket. Who would thought that a harmless trip to One Utama on 1 fine Friday after work would cost me a few hundreds RM poorer and 1 Levi's extra? LOL! Not that I'm complaining. The jeans are cool! I love it! But it does leave a sting to my wallet.

And that was not all. The very next day ~ a little more damage was done in Zara. Thanks so much to OY and WF. But I wanted some new work clothes too. Ahh... Women will have lotsa excuses for shopping. =) Harmless shopping =) LOL!

Happy Shopping, gurls! ^^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Screen | Garam

Salt, Evelyn Salt......... I'm a spy. And I think that's about it. Not that I'm saying this is not a good movie. It's alright. But if it wasn't for Mrs Pitt here, I don't think I'll watch it. Hehehe. I'll give it an average. Kinda guessed the movie lah.

So, here is Angelina Jolie as Salt. A supposedly CIA but actually a Russian spy. *Doesn't it sound familiar?* But in the middle of spying, she changed side. And now, she's wanted dead by both sides. Hmmm... Kinda guessed it. Need to add a little bit more salt into it...
Anyway, it's good to see Mrs Pitt back in action =)

Trippin | Janda Baik

Where on earth is Janda Baik? It's actually after Genting and before Bentong. I was suddenly got invited to this place by my colleagues that was there for work. And since they got the whole place to themselves, the others in the department got to go! Yeay!

You can visit their site here:

But not to get your hopes that high. The place was OK. Big house, good for a big group outing. BBQ pit, karaoke tower, air-cond room. Not a bad place to chill out =) The best place would be the small stream next to the house. Nice...