Sunday, February 27, 2011

Halo | On early Sunday morning

Good morning people! It's 8.35am and I was awake since 7.45am! Yes, on a Sunday morning. He's finally back from his Angkor Wat trip *wohoo!* but then today he has a photo shoot =(

I just realized that Jay Chou is in 6 days! OMG! I just can't wait for it. This time he won't be joining me, the crazy fan! This time I'm going with some friends instead. So, let's get the hype ON!!!

Go get his concert DVD! The Era 2011 Live Concert! It's just making me all tingling!

Uh! Uh! I'm getting these...

Wanna check others merchandises out? Go to myjaysian ~ the official fanclub or Explogift

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Halo | I want Jay Chou!

Getting into da mood... ^^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Halo | 空空的。。。

I'm missing him already. He's on the plane heading to Siem Reap and I'm here working =( I have a few friends heading there and one of them is a photography kaki... Why don't you join them, I asked. And you may ask how come I didn't join? Well, my friends are my colleague in the same team. So, can't have both going on leave at the same time. Sien, right?

So, there he is and here I am. Sigh...

Can I sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow as Saturday?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Halo | Big Bang

I think my luck went away right after CNY... Big Bang indeed that I got. Look at my little myvi. Looking back at this pix does sting my heart a bit. Sigh...

So, what's the story you asked? I've been repeating it over and over again. You must be thinking that I was at fault. Of course not! I was abiding the law, going straight, my traffic light is green. Approaching a T junction, seeing all sides are waiting patiently. Then out of a sudden one moron Iswara on the opposite road decided to cut queue and turn in to my left! First a motorbike ram to his front passenger door side then I ram to his back passenger door side.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Only the motorcyclist had some cuts and bruises. Thank god the motorbike wasn't really in front of my car. If not, I would have ram into the motorbike first before ramming to that moron Iswara.

I am OK. But my car has to be hospitalized for 2-3 weeks. So sad. My little car hurt badly...

Really hate those people that beats the red lights. Me and the motorcyclist made police report together, making sure that we're on the same page, saying is the Iswara fault. And of course claim his insurance! So, I'll be car-less for 2-3 weeks =(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Halo | Happy [V] Day!

~~ Happy Valentine's Day ~~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Halo | All CNY movies!

This year CNY movies was a lot to choose from. Rather than choosing which one to watch or not, we just went for all of em'! That is within a few days in CNY! People say that we're crazy! Well, we are!

Funnily for the first one, we went for Mr & Mrs Incredible. Which was nothing to brag about. No wonder it was easier to get tix for this movie. I know, I know, Sandra Ng is in it. It is funny but the storyline ~ erm..... And don't think and Louis Koo is the best partner for Sandra. Age gap! But hey! It's a CNY movie! Laughable is enough. I did kinda enjoyed it ~ a bit...

This talks about a pair of retired superheroes trying to live as a normal couple in a small town. Hiding their super powers and just works as government worker and restaurant owner. But sooner or later, their itch to become heroes comes alive. Normal living is just too bored for them...

Next up ~ I Love Hong Kong. Similar to last year's 72 Tenants of Prosperity with Eric Tsang, Jacky Cheung and a whole lot of TVB stars. Too many people to focus then. But this time, I think they have learnt. Still keeping Eric and replacing Jacky with Tony Leong Kar Fai plus some TVB stars. Not too overwhelming... And ~ And Aarif Lee is in it! OMG! Still looking good! Just gorgeous!

Simple enough, the story is about HK live in the government flats. Introducing HK in another way, I think. Very entertaining indeed. Sandra Ng is also in this. This time I like her better =) Good show!

Then, comes in the always All's Well End's Well . Every year without fail, it comes out. However, I still prefer those old ones. Those with Leslie Cheung and Momo. Those are classics!

Different cast ~ with Yip Man... ops I meant Donnie Yen, Johnnie To, Cecelia Chueng and Louis Koo (again). I don't know about you, but I keep seeing Yip Man's shadow in this movie. Especially when Donnie was doing make-up. LOL! Another laughable CNY movie to watch. Don't think there is any special storyline to it though. Good entertainment =)

How about Homecoming from our neighbour, Singapore? But I think most of the filming was done here in Malaysia. We have our ver own Ah Niu and Afdlin Shauki. Not forgetting our neighbour's Jack Neo and Mark Lee. With these, for sure it will crack you up!

Topic of the day ~ Reunion Dinner. You know when people is too busy to go home for even 1 dinner? Ahh! This is the one that can smack those people on the face! Some people just wouldn't care less about reunion dinner saying it's 'just a dinner'. Well, Homecoming is just about appreciating this. Go home and have reunion dinner, no matter it's just veggie and rice or abalone with sharkfins. It's the family reunion =)

Now, let's change the scene a bit. From all those CNY laughter, we go to a more serious note. Andy Lau finally comes out with Shaolin together with Nicholas Tse. It's been a while we haven't seen them on screen.

I'm amazed at Nicholas's acting has improved a lot. He really did a good job of becoming the evil one. And Andy, there is nothing else but praise for this veteran. From evil to good. Very well done! The storyline doesn't run far with China and wars going on with multiple warlords wants to share the land. Shaolin, as usual will not be a part of these. And on how Andy became good after evil? and Nicholas taking charge? Better go see yourself. Must not miss this!

So, after the marathon of movies ~ I came up with a favorite ranking list ^^

1. Shaolin

2. Homecoming

3. I Love Hong Kong

4. All's Well End's Well

5. Mr & Mrs Incredible


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Halo | Tired

Halo! Halo! This is going to be a long post. =p

CNY Eve. First time not having dinner with my family. Feels a bit weird... Plus I need to work half day. After work and not going back to my parents place seems to be off. But going to my in-laws does give a new feeling =) First time that I did praying at the dawn of CNY. In-laws place was filled with fireworks and firecrackers!

First year of CNY with him =) I was a bit anxious. With the angpau givings, relatives to visits and fending off the big questions *haha* But still I missed Mummy & Daddy on the first day of CNY. Missed Mummy's vegetarian fried meehoon and 'longan lin chi pak hup tong shui'

So, first stop is to Ampang Old Folks Home. We donated stuff and giving out angpaus. This is what they do every year. Seeing the grandmas and grandpas all alone without children and grandchildren does sting a bit during the first day of CNY. I don't know how they, the children does it. For whatever reasons, we cannot leave our parents at old folks home. It's very sad. But I really hope that our visit made their day =)

Then, visiting temples and relatives. And of course every kid in the family was for our maiden double angpaus! And this went on to our friends too! =_=

We made a short trip to Sg Besar to visit a friend. And I just love snapping photos around! Love the laid back feeling =) And luck was on our side indeed! We managed to catch lion dance! 'tung chiang, tung chiang!'

And what's CNY without food? He suddenly have this fascination about roasted pork! So, there was a few meals that I had with his homemade 'siew yuk'! I admit that it does taste good ^^

Last but not least! Mahjong! Woohoo! Oh ya ~ and other gambling too! HUAT AHHH!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halo | CNY 2011!


Wishing you Prosperity & Happiness!