Saturday, May 30, 2009

Halo | It's time to choose

Save the world! Choose Eco Range from Electrolux *for me!!!*

Sony PS3
*please, please, please?*
OK, OK, a more realistic ones...

Cornell multi-cooker

Philips Steam Iron

Halo | A light at last!

Wohoo!!! Found the light, finally!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Halo | Date has been set!

No! No! Not "that" date! ~~ The official date to move "ceremonially" has been set! Next weekend! *YEAY!* Finally, all the necessary has been done. Except that I don't have a fridge and washing machine *hint! hint!* =)

Just got ourselves the quilt set with bedsheets and stuff. Can you imagine how much does it cost to get a nice set? Luckily it was on sales... If not, it will surely burn a bigger hole in our wallet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Halo | Falling

Head throbbing ~ Eyes burning ~ Throat soaring

Damn! I'm falling sick
*not a good time...*

just have to take Panadol and head to the bed

Monday, May 18, 2009

Screen | Di Antara Mailakat & Iblis

Don't laugh! That was the direct translation to it. It was smack in the middle of the cinema screen. Annoying~~

So, Robert Langdon has come to save the day once more in Angels & Demons. A sequel to Da Vinci Code (3 years ago). But no worries, you don't need to watch Da Vinci Code first before watching Angels & Demons.

I've read this book around . . . 3-4 years back. And I can't really remember in details of how the story goes. Him, on the other hand ~ just bought the book and didn't managed to finish it before the screening. What comment he made? "The first few chapters was not in the movie" ~~~ Well, of coz they can't take the whole book to make a movie out of it. The movie might takes 3-4 hours! Hahaha!

Tom Hanks resumes to become Robert Langdon. A cool symbologist professor helping to solve the clues to a conspiracy. The Vatican City is in the verge of destruction, threaten by the Illuminati.

Well, for those that have read the book... you'll know how it ends. For those who haven't try to understand the movie ya! =)

It's a good watch... Better than Da Vinci Code, I must say.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Halo | Latest updates

OK. Enough about paints! Been there, done that. Case close! Moving on to the next step =)

Here are some latest splurge that we had...

And some sneak peek =)

And remember Homedec 09? TADA!

More to come...

Halo | Wish List =)

It it customary for those shifting to a new house to come out with a "WISH LIST". Well, at least for some. So, here is it. I wouldn't want to put in the *cough, cough* brands *cough, cough* and the model *cough, cough* That would not be appropriate *rite?* =) So, let's have the picture do the talking...

*cough, cough* electrolux *cough, cough*

*cough, cough* philips *cough, cough*

*cough, cough* philips *cough, cough*

*cough, cough* philips *cough, cough*

**having a bit sore throat**

~~Just kidding folks :p ~~

but all angpaus are welcomed =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Halo | IKEA day-out

Mission: Splurge @ IKEA


VALUE ADDED: RM90 vouchers (YEAY!)

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: whole lotsa stuff for my home =)

(pst! pst! I got the TV rack for free *hehehe* ~ evil laugh)

P/S: get your bedroom stuff here and get your vouchers when you spend above RM300

Friday, May 8, 2009

Screen | Men in tights

... The final frontier...

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life; new civilisations...

To boldly go where no one has gone before!

I'm not a big fan. But looking at the history and friend's feedback. Why not? Even though they say it's kinda gay ~ men in tights with small guns that goes "jiu, jiu,jiu"

STAR TREK. I used to see my dad watching this when I was younger. I can still remember Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Data, the robot. And here at 2009, *running out of ideas*, they talked about the beginning. Just like all other movies nowadays.

James T. Kirk was from the first Star Trek series portrayed by William Shatner. The younger version was held by cute Chris Pine. I didn't know that Star Trek can be funny at times. Always thought that Star Trek supposed to be serious and boring. So, this young James Kirk is really smart but with an attitude. Within 5 years he got the "ENTERPRISE"!

James T.Kirk

Another hottie ~ Zachary Quinto plays Spock *aka Sylar in Heroes* Being half Vulcan and half human, Spock didn't have it easy. Having the brains, he was top of his stuff. He and James didn't get along at first ~ him being logical and straight and James being the totally opposite!

Now, the thing is I keep seeing Sylar in him. Why do he need guns when he can just flick his fingers and send others flying? Hahahahaha! You see? Sylar's character is so imprinted on him. Nonetheless, I still think he's HOT!


Sylar *i can kill you with my fingers*


Beam me up, Scottie!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Halo | Who I.M?

Got this cool new magazine ~ I.M. The front page itself has already captured me.... So CUTE ~~ Fufu is the name. Yeap... I quote "It's a Dog's Life"

So, this is a new mag on the blog. Full of content that's contributed by everyday people. Shouting out their lungs out ~ hence tag line REPRESENTING MALAYSIAN INDIVIDUALITY.

Say what?! Oh... Everyday people are people like you and me. You have something so say, something to share, something to whine (maybe?). Drop it off at

This issue is FOC. I'm not sure what's the price to it but I plan to get the next issue anyway =)

There's food talk, travel talk and whole lot's of other stuff. I found out there's this cool place in Sandakan called NAK HOTEL and BALIN ROOF GARDEN. Surely will stay there if I have a chance to visit Sandakan. Check it out! &

Monday, May 4, 2009

Halo | Nilai = Value

Yeap. That's the direct translation. But the Nilai that I had in mind is Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Indeed it was real value of money I got from here.

It's not the food
It's not any theme park
It's not any resort

It was the curtains that lured me here. Lin said its cheap and there's lotsa choices. Well, I did have a headache looking from shop to shop. And the hot weather didn't help! *Please GOD, send us some rain here*

Anyway, there's Nilai 3 and Nilai Square. These two places are filled with rows of curtain shops, carpets, furniture, household items. All you need to furnish your home =)

Finally I made my decision on these 2 designs for my sliding glass door. I love the lotus flower! It's velvety, white and black. Simple. What do you think?

Since we came all the way here, it's better to get another set of curtain. Settled with this flowery design which is a bit darker.

I always thought that I would choose the retro or abstract designs. But... I just fell for these two, especially the lotus flower =)

Both sets are sewn within an hour! Can you believe it? So, there's no need to make a second trip back here. You can also choose to buy the cloth only. Talk, talk, talk and I didn't mention on the value. Hehe... Can you guess? All these ~~~ around RM600. I'm not sure whether you can get a cheaper ones but for me, after asking around, this is a considered value! A friend got 1 set at RM600 in KL!!! o_O

Value? YES!

Food | Shrimps ahoy!

This is a post-entry. Been busy running around doing home stuff. So, what did I found? Actually this place has been here a while, it's just that I didn't have a chance to try it. Love the name ~ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Gump... Remember Forest Gump? You can see these panels on each table. You know what it means? It's to call the waiter... Meaning that the waiter are always spying on you, checking on the panels.

STOP FORREST STOP ~ need waiter

RUN FOREST RUN ~ don't need waiter

Try the 1/2 bucket shrimps! It's fulfilling! You'll have a choice of the spicy or normal or mixed! It's a bit salty ya. So, you might need to order extra drinks. But I still liked it and would love to have it again.

They are having this set meals that comes with drinks, salad, garlic bread, main dish, dessert and coffee/tea at RM55 per meal. Gave it a go at the Ribs. Generous portion, I think it's around 5 pieces of ribs. Taste wise ~ nice but Tony Roma's ribs are better.

Starts off with a nice salad

Here comes the beefy treat!

Or maybe you want a fishy treat instead ^_^
*for those non-beef eater*

Some ala-carte? The Seafood Cheese Baked Rice is WOAH!!! If you're very hungry even after all those shrimps, go for this. Very rich! Must eat it while it's hot and steamy. After eating this, Kim Gary's cheese baked rice are nothing!

BURP! ~~ Seafood Cheese Baked Rice

Fancy something light? Try the Shrimp Salad

Finishing up ~~ Ice cream with cookie

Well, well, well... It was a real FULL dinner! Just remember not to take Vitamin C after having so much shrimps. *I was told*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Screen + Food | Wolverine with Otak-Otak?

Yummy place, great movie ~~~ Such a nice feeling . . .

So, let's start of with FOOD, shall we? =) Thought of hitting the movies as it's been quite a while after Fast & Furious. But before that, need to fill in the growling tummy. One U... hmmmm... I'm running out of ideas of where to eat now.

You know the new section that's opened? Around the Cold Storage supermarket area. There's a few new place :) So, we entered this place called Otak-Otak Place. From outside, it does looks like an ordinary Malay eating place that cost a lot. But NO! The price is is OK! And the place makes you feeling like you're in primary school again. I don't know how to describe it, better you go on and try it!

See what I mean?

What's eating at Otak-Otak Place without trying their otak-otak? It was on promotion (RM0.60 per stick) Taste not bad, actually. Very fresh.

I had the Sup Kambing which I felt that they can do better. It goes well with bread toast! But one thing is the lamb is very tender, not like ones that mamak stalls have.

Most of the dishes here use otak-otak as main dish. They even have otak-otak burger! But we didn't try that. He ordered an Otak-Otak Egg Kerabu. The Kerabu was so-so. But the otak-otak is very nice.

Note: Must try the nasi lemak. It comes in a quite unique way =)

Keeping it light and having some space for pop-corn, we headed to TGV. *Please do not go to TGV for movie, even if GSC is full. You'll regret it* Normally, i mean always, we always go to GSC if we're in One Utama. But all Xmen shows are full. And wanting to watch it so badly, TGV lah. Wrong move! The seats place are narrow, imagine tall people trying sit... Not only that, the seat does not have head rest. So, for the whole movie I was sitting straight as if I'm listening at school. It was very uncomfortable. I have a stiff neck after the movie. Sigh. NO MORE TGV! And the pop-corn sucks! I miss you, GSC...

Let's not ruin the movie... Xmen Origins: Wolverine ~ It's a must see! Hugh is so cool! I mean Wolverine =) The story was real nice, talking about his life before Xmen. It started off sad but initially went on to a good life. That made me thinking. Isn't Wolverine's story supposed to be sad? Well, it did... *sob, sob* Now we know why he's like that. And he has a brother that we can guess. . . is one of the bad guy, Sabretooth.

Since Hollywood is running out of ideas, I wonder if they start doing this like a series. Xmen Origins: Storm, Xmen Origins: Cyclops, etc.

Halo | OMG! All sorts of people out there...

Saw something amusing today. I was queuing up at the Guardian's cashier and realizing that the line next to me was a bit static. Ohhhh... an auntie was taking her sweet time to choose an environmental bag that was sold RM2+. *Neh... those woven bags that's reusable*

Two person at my line have already left and she's still there, undecided between the green and the brown coloured bags. When it was my turn to pay, she has chosen the brown bag. Inspecting carefully at every inch of the bag, pulling and tugging to check the thread. She found something was wrong (which I don't see) and changed it. A long line was building up behind her now.

Satisfied, she said OK to the still smiling cashier :)

"Nak guna sekarang?" cashier asked.
Auntie answered "TAK"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Halo | HomeDec 09

Yawn... So, so tired today. Been scouting for bargains at HomeDec 09 @ KLCC from 1.08pm till 6.39pm!!!

And the parking fees was at a whooping RM11.50! Talk about economy crisis! Parking company is making whole loads of money from us! Yes... This is our KLCC parking ~~ 3 hours and 31 minutes. Well, I can't complain much, can I?

So, what was there at HomeDec? 5 halls and 1 grand ballroom! Do wear your comfy shoes for this workout. First stop, electrical appliances. Just the place we're looking for :) Managed to secure something nice at a great price *nyek, nyek, nyek :p* After the first stop, I kinda lose focus which section I'm at. There's so much to see, so much to bargain.

I got this cool wall stickers at RM65 from WALL TAILOR! Yeah. It cost a bit from the market at The Curve. But I just love the packaging. And since we can't have 2 rolls of wallpapers for a wall, we have to make use of these stickers. (seems like we need to cover the whole wall if we want wallpapers, can't just stick 2 rolls at the middle of the wall)

Cool rite?

The other halls are filled with wardrobe customization to swimming pool! You name it they got it! If you missed this, there is another one coming up in October (1st-4th)

Do check it out here ~~