Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halo | 2nd Chance?

Ahhh.... Another chance to get my hands on the VAIO! But this time would be really tough! Not putting much hope in it ~ with my dinosaur PC. But if you want to have a go at it ~

Haih. Darlie, such an easy game but I didn't get it. And now this? *sob~sob*

Halo | L~O~V~E


"Love is all we need ~ God Bless"
Those was the words that often came from MJ. With his soft voice talking, you'll be mesmerized. And with his sultry voice of singing. And with his super cool dance moves. And the list can go on and on.

I really enjoyed the show. It's like as if I was there at his concert. And I feel that it's such a lost that I won't be able to see him live. I remember he came to Malaysia once but I was too young and with no money. I always thought that I'll be watching one of his concert later. But...

My tears was at the edge of my eyes when he sang Earth Song. Memories starts flashing back to my childhood where I used to watch his MV with Billie Jean and Thriller. And how can I forget about Men In The Mirror, Smooth Criminal and Beat It?

As what they said ~ he's truly THE KING. And deeply missed by everyone.

Even Weng, not being his fan, enjoyed it! Thanks Darren for sharing the tix with us =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halo | Baddie

I need to stay fit and slim down for my big day. Since I've stopped my California Fitness last year, I did not went to any gym. I know that Fitness First is around the corner but I don't want to pay blindly and without going. Work's been busy.

Suddenly, my colleagues wanted to start a weekly badminton session. Well, I've been there for 2 times. It's at The Club, Bukit Utama ~ near Bandar Utama. It's been a good sweat session. And I do suck in badminton. I don't know the rules. My rule is to hit the shuttle. That's it! I'm not here to win any tournament, just wanted to loose some extra weight. Ganbateh!

Another session will commence soon at the same venue ~ swimming! The Club has a huge swimming pool! I really want to try it. I'm not a good swimmer but still... it's a form of exercise, right? GANBATEH!

If your not a member, you need to pay. If you are a resident of Bandar Utama, you'll get cheaper rates! If you enrol to become a member, it's RM1K per annum and you can use all the facilities including the gym. If you're a walk-in like me, you need to have a ONE CARD. They will deduct the money from the card.

Wish me luck in loosing weight ~~ GANBATEH!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halo | 画沙 - 周杰伦 袁咏琳

Sand Painting ~ Jay Chou & Cindy Yen

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halo | Nine Emperor Gods Festival

There's a rainy spell nowadays. It's not a witch casting spells or doing voodoo. It's just the ninth month of the Lunar calendar. Marking the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. I'm not sure why rain is associated with this festival. It was celebrated by Hokkiens. The finale of the celebration will was on the ninth of the ninth month of the Lunar calendar.

Anyway, I haven't been at this festival before. Weng took me and Bubu to a temple in Ampang which was packed with people. It was an eye opener, seeing the celebration being done. You won't really get to see this in other countries, maybe in China and Taiwan might have.

Worshipers putting their joss-sticks

The temple main entrance

Just look at the crowd!

And I came, I saw, I conquer. . . erm... and went home =)

Food | Kuala Selangor Seafood with Kelip-Kelip

Agenda ~ Seafood @ Kuala Selangor & Firefly!

Our team went for a Celebrate Success trip to Kuala Selangor. What else is there to eat here other than SEAFOOD! Not wanting to eat at the top 2, commercialized restaurant up front, we ventured deeper into the village and found Restaurant Makanan Laut Bagan.


Siu Fong with her stylo-mylo pose taking the 2 popular restaurants

To be frank, the food was OK OK only. But the price is cheap. For 8 people, we *my boss* paid RM165. Not bad, eh? Just look at the amount of dishes we ordered! But the Kam Heong Crab doesn't tasted like Kam Heong. According to the waiter, it's their style woh.

Anyway, the view was great. Luckily the weather was good ~ no rain even it's the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. We just chilled, chatted, joked beside the river.

But before dinner, we did some shopping on fresh sea products. From keropok to fishballs. From salted fish to fresh fish. You name it, they got it!

Up next ~ Firefly! This is my second time. The first time was not very fruitful as I only managed to see some. But at this Kampong Kuantan ~ I was really amazed! It was like looking at a Christmas tree! The view was like one in a million. Too bad that it can't be captured by camera. The experience was priceless. The boatman will take you right beside the tree and you can see those firefly up close. One even flew right in front of me. Wow!!!

The price is RM40 per boat for 4 people. And mind you, it's the original sampan! I loved the experience! Won't mind to go again. Who's up to it? *Just remember to bring mosquito repellent, or you can bring me =)*

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halo | I want ...

~~I want the VAIO ....


Food | Coffee Ritual for Coffee Addicts

Siu Fong intro this place to me, actually. And seeing the photos of the canggih coffee maker, we decided to pay Coffee Ritual a visit. Situated @ Section 14, the row of shops opposite Digital Mall.

So, as I was saying about the canggih coffee maker. It looks shiny. Hahaha. That's the first word came into mind. But please be informed that this shop only have 1 of this coffee maker. And one order can serve to 3 cups only. But the taste was great. There's a few choices of what type of coffee you want.

Besides coffee, there's a selection of food here. I strongly recommend the crepe. I had the chicken ham crepe which taste good. Mel Mel took the chicken ham with sauteed mushroom. That's better ~ according to her. Then, there's other western food such as spaghetti (which I don't recommend) and chicken chops. There's local food as well.

So, here's how's the place looks like. It's the last shop of the row. And in case you get a little lost along the way. Here's a map to guide you =) *hic*hic* **coffee drunk**

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halo | Starts to roll!

Step 1 ~ Choose auspicious date - checked!
Step 2 ~ Parents meeting - checked!
Step 3 ~ Choose wedding reception venue - checked!

So, the ball has start rolling... Here we go on to the roller-coaster! Woohoo!

Today was the parents meeting about the wedding stuff. I was quite nervous as I've heard lotsa stories of disagreements between 2 families. But it was a breeze! Everything went well. All dates of ceremonies are OK! An agreement made!

My mom's first time daughter wedding and his mom's first son's wedding. A bit clueless here and there but with the help of sifu to choose dates, we'll cope =)

Here's the outcome from the choosing auspicious date. Very professionally done. It came with a nice red box. Inside there's angpaus pocket with tags on it to say which is for what. And 2 cards indicating all the dates to perform the customary stuff. Cool, rite?

At the end of the day, I can say it was all good and we have chosen the wedding reception place. It's a nice place. Can you imagine that some place are already fully booked for next year? Woah! Now, we have gotten this out of the way, we can focus on other stuff =)

Step 4 ~ Registration date - have not gotten the date yet. need to check on the availability
Step 5 ~ Wedding photo - planned to get freelancer rather than bridal house. it's a lot of work but we want it to be different, not like those bridal house's templates. Any suggestions?

That's about it for now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food | I miss Taiwan...

I can't start to tell you how much I missed Taiwan ~ The food ~ The place ~ The people ~ The shopping ~ Ahhhhhh....

Before I can go for the second round, I have to make use of what we have here. Yesterday I was at Mont' Kiara for a training with my colleagues and for sure we wouldn't be heading back to office for lunch. We had Taiwanese food! Yummy! Compared to the placed I've eaten here. Here's the place ~ called Babu Taiwan Cuisine @ Hartamas

Here's the menu of the day. How can you not have the Minced Meat Rice "Lu Rou Fan"? It's a must have when you're in Taiwan *dreaming, again* or you're having Taiwan food.

"lu rou fan"

And we had this chicken dish called "san pei ji" which is translated to 3 cup chicken *i think so* Price: RM20. Taste real good! Looking back at the photo makes me want to havc it right now!

"san pei ji"

Another chicken here ~ Fried Chicken with Pepper Salt. Taste OK OK only. Not salty enough. And the portion a bit too small. Maybe should have ordered something porky instead.

Fried Chicken with Pepper Salt

So, here's what we had. Not bad, not bad. Worth another visit.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Screen | Surrogates

sur·ro·gate ~~ One that takes the place of another; a substitute

Imagine that you can have a surrogate to do all your days work... Where your human-self will be lying at home hooked to the system. Surrogates should be able to paint you the picture. Sounds familiar? Just like Gamer? Not entirely. Gamer uses human to be operated by human. Whereas here, they used robots. Cool eh?

Bruce Willis is a FBI with a young surrogates body to do his job. Since surrogates has been implemented, crime rates has fallen 99% ~ saying that no crimes happening *Don't we wish this was really true* Everyone was happy. But someone out there was killing the surrogates and their operator. Why? When there's this kind of technology that will take over humans, some humans are reluctant to change. They want to live their own lives. Thus, you can do the calculations =)

My ratings ... Good watch. I like Bruce Willis, way cool! I liked the human not the surrogate. I wonder why movies nowadays are about new tech ~ with people trying to play Sims in real life. Is that where we're heading to? Confined to computers and slob over the couch? No more real interactions? Terrifying!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halo | Look at what I got!

Got a cute pouch and a cool notebook from Singapore! Well, I had a lonely weekend without him coz he was away at Singapore visiting friends. I was counting the minutes to meet him today =) Yeah, after for so long I still feel that way if he's away.

Anyway, it was his maiden lone trip. As per his FB "in singapore now. Travel alone. Big boy lo". LOL!

Thanks for the stuff! Loved it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halo | Sinking in

A week has passed and it's sinking in. I can't believe it. He proposed! So, now planning is on the way. Dates. ROM. Venue. Photos. Gowns. Food. And the list goes on. We'll take it one at a time. I want it to be an enjoyable journey. Stay tuned for updates. =)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halo | Scare of my life ~ Joy of my life

Story time! Hehehe... Some might have already know... Some might not. So, I'll try my best to be a good story teller.

Ahem.. *cough~cough* Once upon a time, there was . . . . *a bit over, rite?* OK. Here goes...

It was Friday! Finally, Friday... It's the eve of Mooncake Festival and there's a feast at Lisa's place, my colleague. There's chicken wings, mee suah, roast duck, booze, Konyoku jelly (from GnetGnet). I was looking forward for it as there was no other plans.

Then suddenly Weng called saying let's have dinner with Ah Ney, Bubu and of coz Gnet Gnet too. And since I've not seen him the whole week and the Mooncake feast will be starting late, I agreed. The plan is to have dinner with them and head for the Mooncake feast later.

While we're happily chomping away our salad and steak at TGI Friday's, he called saying he'll be running late coz one of our good friend, Fong's car broke down and he needs to rescue her. OK loh... Wanting to see him, I ate slowly and then we ordered dessert ~ Mud Pie *I will forever remember this Mud Pie. Hehehe*

Suddenly my phone rang, Fong calling. Hmm.. I answered and she was panting, breathless and near to tears. Asking me to stay calm. OK! That shot up to my spine. I still shiver thinking about it now. She said Weng was involved in an accident. I was still OK, actually coz he has a record of getting his car banged. She added on that he's unconscious! That was went everything went totally blank. Luckily my dear heart didn't fail me.

The rush begins! She tells me that I need to rush there, she keep saying that he won't wake up. I was surprised that I didn't start crying there and then. Thinking nothing but just to get there, Gnet Gnet told me not to drive there and have Ah Ney to drive there. OK!

Now I know that from The Curve to TAR College is damn FAR!!! But with Ah Ney's super fast driving, I think we reach there within 15-20 minutes? I didn't know and I didn't care at that point of time.

To cut the story short, we reached there, saw his car with double signal next to the bus stop with a group of people surrounding someone. I think I didn't wait till the car stops. I dashed down. Heard him calls my name! My hearts just stopped!

I remember tearing the group of people apart and then I saw him kneeling there. And our song ~ When You Say Nothing At All ~sang behind him. And I of course can't stop sobbing. Scared ~ Joy ~ Happy ~ Duped! Hahahaha. He asked me to be his wife... And I said YES!

The Ring

The Flower

The cast

I'm truly thrilled! I'm truly happy! Thank you all! Love you people! And the Oscar goes to.... *drum rolls* Gnet Gnet, Ah Ney, Bubu & Fong Fong! *applause*

To Weng =) I'm happy to spend the rest of my life with you

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halo | YES!

Sneak peek!

I'll let you know the whole story later =)