Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halo | Baddie

I need to stay fit and slim down for my big day. Since I've stopped my California Fitness last year, I did not went to any gym. I know that Fitness First is around the corner but I don't want to pay blindly and without going. Work's been busy.

Suddenly, my colleagues wanted to start a weekly badminton session. Well, I've been there for 2 times. It's at The Club, Bukit Utama ~ near Bandar Utama. It's been a good sweat session. And I do suck in badminton. I don't know the rules. My rule is to hit the shuttle. That's it! I'm not here to win any tournament, just wanted to loose some extra weight. Ganbateh!

Another session will commence soon at the same venue ~ swimming! The Club has a huge swimming pool! I really want to try it. I'm not a good swimmer but still... it's a form of exercise, right? GANBATEH!

If your not a member, you need to pay. If you are a resident of Bandar Utama, you'll get cheaper rates! If you enrol to become a member, it's RM1K per annum and you can use all the facilities including the gym. If you're a walk-in like me, you need to have a ONE CARD. They will deduct the money from the card.

Wish me luck in loosing weight ~~ GANBATEH!

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