Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food | I miss Taiwan...

I can't start to tell you how much I missed Taiwan ~ The food ~ The place ~ The people ~ The shopping ~ Ahhhhhh....

Before I can go for the second round, I have to make use of what we have here. Yesterday I was at Mont' Kiara for a training with my colleagues and for sure we wouldn't be heading back to office for lunch. We had Taiwanese food! Yummy! Compared to the placed I've eaten here. Here's the place ~ called Babu Taiwan Cuisine @ Hartamas

Here's the menu of the day. How can you not have the Minced Meat Rice "Lu Rou Fan"? It's a must have when you're in Taiwan *dreaming, again* or you're having Taiwan food.

"lu rou fan"

And we had this chicken dish called "san pei ji" which is translated to 3 cup chicken *i think so* Price: RM20. Taste real good! Looking back at the photo makes me want to havc it right now!

"san pei ji"

Another chicken here ~ Fried Chicken with Pepper Salt. Taste OK OK only. Not salty enough. And the portion a bit too small. Maybe should have ordered something porky instead.

Fried Chicken with Pepper Salt

So, here's what we had. Not bad, not bad. Worth another visit.

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