Sunday, March 27, 2011

Screen | World Invasion: Battle LA

Yup. Another alien invasion movie. And we are losing - big time. So, what's to plot this time?

All troops, the army, the marines are called to make the final defense. And this time's plot is about a team of marines. Risking their lives to save a group of civilians trapped in a small town. With big guns and guts, they managed to save a few and found a way to kill those things.

Then, TADA! They save the world.

My say? It's good entertainment. But it's just another alien movie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Halo | Food

Hello Penang ~ Hello food! Who can resist Penang food? And I came back to KL a little bit heavier =p Here is some line-ups. Really enjoyed the feast all along the way =)

What's good food with great company? We have our very own Banglas from Singapore visiting us and a few more from our very own land. The trip was supposed to be a road trip on Good Friday weekend. But then, we all met up in Penang only.

Me & Him

Alf is in da house!

GKoe also here!

Nat aka Miss Sumimasen ^^

Ah Ney!!!


And Rachel ~ didn't make it for the trip... Get well soon!

Don't think that we came here just for the food (i think 80%, hehehe) We went for Kek Lok Si ~ sight-seeing ^^

And here is one for the road. Weather was great too! Enjoyed my Penang trip. Maybe we go Langkawi again? ^^

A must photo when we all go out LOL!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Halo | 2 trips confirmed!

Yeay! Going to Melbourne after all =) Better start saving up money =)

And Shanghai too! Woohoo! Finally get to visit my brother and the family! Missed my nephew and niece so much... And hopefully Daddy is up for the trip =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Halo | I want more Jay!

Yes! I want more JAY CHOU! It was amazing! It was truly amazing. I didn't manage to get the best seats. But I think no matter where you seat, you'll be blown away anyway =)
Yes. This is me waiting from 6pm. Tick ~ Tock ~ Tick ~ Tock ~

You won't see picture or video here coz I put all my focus on the show. All out for JAY! So, I have no time to snap any! And I know that loads of people would upload on FB! LOL!

Hey! I got my iPhone new 'clothes'. Must be Jay also! Hehehe! One black and one white. And yes, my iPhone has all Jay's album =)

And here is what is left after the concert. So, let the countdown begin again for the next one to come. Maybe by that time, I'll go with my kid? =p

Look who I bumped into? Yun Ru! Long time no see =) Now I know she's a fan too! Next time I can go with her =)