Sunday, April 24, 2011

Halo | Shoot!

Our journey to SHOOT people begun in the early hours of the morning. Even earlier than going to work! Yeah, we are a crazy bunch of people ~ Him, Bubu, Ah Ney and me... With the growling stomach, we went straight to McD at Genting Sempah where we meet another wacko ~ Alf.

The venue: Bukit Tinggi

The model: Bubu

The pro photog armed with DSLR: Him & Alf

The not so pro photo armed with iPhone: Me & Ah Ney

This is not the first photoshoot for Bubu =_=" Since she wanted to be the object and the photogs needs some practical training. Voila! There we were!

I didn't waste time and snap a few with my trusty iPhone. Still loving it to the bits =) I liked this fierce cat that I bumped into. A very scary cat. You don't want to mess with her or her kitten

And what's a photoshoot without a bit of camwhoring? Well, the definition of "a bit" is different from everyone =)

Finally, a normal one =) (kinda...)

Well, it was a great fun hanging out together and laugh! Photos was great. A bit hungry all the way but we managed to grab good food =)

Here are 2 of my favourite shots =)

Got feel?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Screen | The Blu Bird ^^

A captured macaw has accidentally fallen off from smuggler's truck and ended up with Linda in Minnesota on the other side of the world from his home in RIO. Blu finally has a chance to go back to his roots and there he met his other half, Jewel.

I know I put it all in a simple paragraph but it's actually good ^^ Love the humour!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Halo | HUJAN!!!

Yeay! It's raining! It's RAIN-ing at Sepang!!! I didn't watch the race but managed to catch RAIN LIVE! Thanks to Yann Rou ^^

I saw his concert in Malaysia back in 2007. And it was a real GOOD show. This time is a little bit laid back. Simple stage. No ripping of shirt. Well, you are in Malaysia. But he wore body fitting tees and a few nice suits. And his dance moves! WOW! Nothing can beat that!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Halo | Public Hospital ~ chiu!!!

I got a scare of my life a few days ago and it's not an April Fool joke! Mummy got admitted to GH due to low blood sugar. She was at home, about to sleep and luckily Daddy was alert and saw something was amiss when she was sleeping. And he couldn't wake her up!

I rushed back and saw her and my legs just went wobbly. I really feared for the worst! Called in the ambulance. I really salute the ambulance, they came within 10-15 minutes. And they speeded back to GH. Well, I couldn't ask them to be sent to other hospital. Now, now ~ don't get me wrong. I have nothing against pubic hospital. The ER was good. With the waitings and waitings and waitings. I beared it all.

All was good until the day Mummy was supposed to be released from the hospital. The whole ward's nurses and doctors went to staff meeting for 3 hours! There are substitute and they don't know anything! Aggghhh! Imagine the agony of waiting! Mummy was getting agitated and I'm getting pissed!

So, what's I have to say is: Please get insured so that you don't need to go through public hospitals!