Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food | Daorae BBQ

Want to have a taste of Korean BBQ? DAORAE Korean BBQ seems to be a nice place to try out. Me and my colleagues headed here to celebrate some of their birthday. I, personally love Korean food, especially those tiny tiny side dishes! Daorae have a few outlets ~ Kota Damansara, Mont Kiara, Puchong ~ to name a few.

Start off with seaweed soup! Really tempted to ask for another one =)

~~No pork~no life~~ The BBQ was awesome! Wrapped it with lettuce and dash in some sauce. Yummy!

Bibbibpap. I think I got the spelling correct =P It's rice mixed with veggie in a HOT BOWL that goes "bib~bib~pap~pap" LOL!

It looks like maggi kari soup, right? It's actually Kimchi Soup with noodles! Spicy! Loved it!

Wahhh... I had a yummylicious dinner here. Wouldn't say no for a second time :)

Halo | ROM

The newly weds ~ Kah Yeow & Tara


Monday, September 21, 2009

Halo | America's Next Top Model 11

If you love to see reality shows ~ If you love to see cat fights ~ If you love to see lovely models ~
You'll love ANTM!

I'm watching Season 11 now and haven't conclude yet. Don't ask me which channel in ASTRO coz I watched DVD. It was a real bored weekend and I kinda watch half the season in one day. I like watching the cat fights and the photo shoots. It's just lovely =)

Screen | Murderer

Quite a while that I've watched a Chinese movie in the cinema. I have no idea what was MURDERER about when buying the tix. I only knew that Aaron Kwok was in it. No it's not a horror movie.

It's actually a very disturbing movie. About brutally murdering people. And it's mind boggling about whose the killer is. Is it the cop having mental delusions of killing? Or there's really a murderer trying to frame him? Or is it the kid that he adopted? Doubt it that you'll find out in the cinema. Hehehe. Go get from your sources for the answer.

There's gonna lotsa blood splashing, bone cracking moments. So, be prepared!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halo | Look Out Point @ Ampang

Long holidays. But I'm without any holiday plans. Just lazying around, which is a good thing. Even though that I need to drop by the office tomorrow. *sigh* Well, just for a while lah. While Weng have to rush his projects too. I doubt that I'll be seeing him tomorrow.

Anyway, this entry is not about me. There's this place called Look Out Point @ Ampang which is quite a cool place. I mean cool as in breezy cool =) Some of you might have already been there dozens of time. But this is a new place to me. Heard from some friends and colleagues about this place and wanted to go look see.

Grabbed a few friends and without any knowledge on how to go there, we 're off! Actually it's not that difficult. From Ampang Point - from the KL way, go straight ahead. After 3 red lights, turn right. You can see that you're heading to Carrefour which will be on your right side. Then carry on until you see a sign board heading to Kajang, turning left. You'll be going uphill by now and by no time you can see lotsa cars parked along the road. You're there!

So, what do we have here? There's a few restaurants here where you can hang out. Gasoline, Haven, Bread & Olives and Look Out Point Western Food. And all the restaurants are facing the beautiful KL night view! So, no matter which one you choose, you can enjoy the view. Who says that KL night view is not great? Just remember to bring a jacket or a shawl. It gets a bit chilly with the night breeze.

Look at that!

We decided to grab a bite at Look Out Point Western Food. It's not pricey and the food was not bad. Seems like everyone was ordering the sizzling food so did we =)

Sizzling Lamb Chop

You must be wondering what time does this place close. It can't be closing at 10pm, rite? On weekdays it closes at 2.30am and weekends 3am. If you're looking for a quiet place for 'yumcha' and non-clubbing/drinking place, head on to Look Out Point.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Food | Jinjang Seafood

For Dad's birthday, we went for dinner at this place called Long Grilled Fish Seafood. Location? Jinjang! Sounds scary. Those were the days when gangster/black triads ruled here. It was messy then. I'm not too sure about the story. But normally I try not to go there. But since my bro recommended it and I have no other place to suggest. Go lah...

This place was crowded! We waited for quite some time to get our food served. I really need to recommend this porky dish. It's to die for! No Pork ~ No Life! Pork Knuckle! Of coz it's FAT. But there's meat too, you know. Just take of the fatty part.

And crabs! You know how much I love eating crabs. But some people are just lazy to eat with me. Too tired to eat crabs, they reckon. Anyway, here's the Lemon Crab. First time trying it, not bad. But I still prefer Kam Heong! Yummy!

Overall, the food was OK. Price wise ~~ OK OK lah, Not cheap loh. Can still go for second time =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Screen | GAMER

Choosing between a movies ~ we settled with Gamer. Whose in it? Hunky Gerard Butler! The person behind 300, PS I Love You and his latest ~ The Ugly Truth.

Personally, I think the movie has a good storyline but executed not too nicely. You know when you play your RPG games? Like CS? You control the character, right? This is about controlling real humans.

So, there's this new game called Slayers. Using life-sentenced prisoners to be the game's character, controlled by gamers ~ people like us. If they can win 30 times without getting killed, the prisoner can go free! Slayers is a war game where you need to stay alive to reach the touch-point. Sounds cool?

And there is another game, similar to The Sims! But using real people. So, you can use your character to do whatever you want. No doubt, there'll be lot's of censored bits. And you know what? A surprise appearance from Milo Ventimiglia! But I'm not too keen on his part as Rick Rape.

Was a good movie. Not bad lah.

Halo | 6 1/2 Hours Concert Marathon

Looking at the title of this entry is already exhausting. What was supposed to be a 5 hours concert marathon became 6 1/2 hours! But it's worth every penny of the a** cramping 6 1/2 hours. Well, I got the tix free. THANKS TO MOOKIE! *muaks!*

Nice seats

Thanks to Galaxy and Tiger Beer, we have T-MUSIC FESTIVAL @ Bukit Jalil! *applause, please...* So, what did we had here? 20 singers lined up with 4 songs each. Singers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, HK and China.

The stage was not bad. Simple and the most important thing is it's near! Compared to Jacky Cheung's concert, it was way far back to the other end of the stadium. At least this time I can see about 2 inch sized singers. Hehehe.

The stage

I shall not go into details on all the singers. But to name a few ~~ Khalil Fong, Z-Chen, Lee Sheng Jie, Soler and Power Station (Dung Lie Huo Che) .The most anticipated one *by me* is Justin Lo! Woohoo! I'm not too sure whether it was because of the anticipation or he sang quickly or the song was short. His 4 songs was just like a flash. I wish he could sing longer. Sigh. Must go see his concert when he comes again :)

Justin *ahhhh*

Next in line, David Tao! Cool, right? And the very last diva, Joey Yung! I'm not a fan, but she's improved! No wonder people says that she'll take over Sammi Cheng.

David Tao

Joey Yung

The concert was a blast! Until that there was a fire broke out and caused 1/2 hour blackout on the stage. I was worried that the concert will be cancelled. But we were back in business in no time. During that blackout time, the singers came on stage one by one and sang using the hailer! OMG! The people at the rock zone are so lucky!

Anyway, I feel blessed with the free concert! Yeay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halo | 09.09.09

So, what's the big deal with 09.09.09? Everyone seems so excited about it. Weddings, ROM, shop openings, etc. Yeah, it only comes once in a lifetime but so does all the dates in a year's calendar. Weird, right?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Food | GONG!!!

Exhibit 1 ~ Kam Heong Crab

Exhibit 2 ~ Butter Cream Crab

The photos looks good, eh? Hehehe. As I was telling you how bored I'm yesterday and this is the moment I've waited for. *Sllurrrppp!!!* We went to Telok Gong for seafood dinner. It's a get together and for Nget's birthday as well. As you can see ~~ Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 was the main dish. I preferred the 'Kam Heong Crab' even though it looks like cockroaches. Hehehe. The crabs are a little bit smaller which I don't quite understand why. The Butter Cream Crab are bigger sized.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the place. This place is called Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant ~ a direct translate from 'yeh fa chau'. It's an alcoholic drink that comes from coconut. I personally don't really like the taste. You can drink it just by itself but Nget claims that it smells like rubbish water. Nala added in Guinness ~ like a mixer to it. Well, it does taste better. But I still don't fancy it.

Coconut Flower Drink

About the food... hmmm. It's not that GREAT. It's OK. Can get better crabs in PJ area. But it's not just the food we're after. It's the company that's having food with. Loved the time we spent together making the most noise everywhere! Hehehe! We had the Kangkung Belacan, Signature Fried Tofu ~ very smooth :), Lalah Soup, Fried Calamari ~ sounds posh, eh? ~ and Sweet Sour Shrimp Paste. Overall, it was OK.

Since we had an early dinner, Ney called out for desserts! But around Telok Gong, there's nothing else. So, we headed back to Sunway Pyramid for Honeymoon. Of course not that kinda Honeymoon.

Serving loads of desserts ~ where there's just too much to select from. Here are some numbers that we've ordered. 2 of 'em that I liked ~ the Water Chestnut with Sea Coconut and The Specialty *can't remember the exact name, ler*

If you have a chance to visit here, please refrain yourself from ordering these... The first one is something with Bird's Nest and Sago with Banana. As you can see ~ nothing too special about it. Not worth the price loh.

Belly full ~ Happy heart ~ Great Company


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halo | A bored Sunday afternoon

Yes. Indeed it is. I have nothing to do now. I'm surfing the Net, checking emails, updating FB and Twitter while he continues to sleep. It's a lazy Sunday without anything to do. The only thing that I'm looking forward is tonight's seafood dinner at Telok Gong with the x-Kelabu Sedunia gang. 'Kam Heong' Crabs! Just can't wait..... Not sure how's the tasts is but Nala suggested this place coz he said K. Selangor is too far. Haih. Anything ler. It's good to try out new place :)

So, we'll be meeting up later to carpool there. As for now, I'll just continue to surf the net and 'kepoh' on FB and Twitter =P

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Halo | Khalil Fong ~ hong dou ~ 紅豆

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halo | Ghost Month

Today is '7 yuet 14' in Chinese calender. Means the doors are open for spirits to roam into our world. You may see people burning incense, joss-paper and offering food on the road sides. These are to feed those roaming around. But fret not, just be careful ~ be home early, you'll be alright. Some might say it's a superstitious thing, some might say it's just another month as all the month in the year. Those days, people don't get married, don't move house, don't do shop openings and the list goes on. Nowadays, younger generation isn't that 'pantang' anymore. Well, it makes no harm listening to the old folks advise, right? So, better leave office early and don't stay out late.