Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Food | Jinjang Seafood

For Dad's birthday, we went for dinner at this place called Long Grilled Fish Seafood. Location? Jinjang! Sounds scary. Those were the days when gangster/black triads ruled here. It was messy then. I'm not too sure about the story. But normally I try not to go there. But since my bro recommended it and I have no other place to suggest. Go lah...

This place was crowded! We waited for quite some time to get our food served. I really need to recommend this porky dish. It's to die for! No Pork ~ No Life! Pork Knuckle! Of coz it's FAT. But there's meat too, you know. Just take of the fatty part.

And crabs! You know how much I love eating crabs. But some people are just lazy to eat with me. Too tired to eat crabs, they reckon. Anyway, here's the Lemon Crab. First time trying it, not bad. But I still prefer Kam Heong! Yummy!

Overall, the food was OK. Price wise ~~ OK OK lah, Not cheap loh. Can still go for second time =)

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