Monday, September 14, 2009

Screen | GAMER

Choosing between a movies ~ we settled with Gamer. Whose in it? Hunky Gerard Butler! The person behind 300, PS I Love You and his latest ~ The Ugly Truth.

Personally, I think the movie has a good storyline but executed not too nicely. You know when you play your RPG games? Like CS? You control the character, right? This is about controlling real humans.

So, there's this new game called Slayers. Using life-sentenced prisoners to be the game's character, controlled by gamers ~ people like us. If they can win 30 times without getting killed, the prisoner can go free! Slayers is a war game where you need to stay alive to reach the touch-point. Sounds cool?

And there is another game, similar to The Sims! But using real people. So, you can use your character to do whatever you want. No doubt, there'll be lot's of censored bits. And you know what? A surprise appearance from Milo Ventimiglia! But I'm not too keen on his part as Rick Rape.

Was a good movie. Not bad lah.

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