Monday, September 7, 2009

Food | GONG!!!

Exhibit 1 ~ Kam Heong Crab

Exhibit 2 ~ Butter Cream Crab

The photos looks good, eh? Hehehe. As I was telling you how bored I'm yesterday and this is the moment I've waited for. *Sllurrrppp!!!* We went to Telok Gong for seafood dinner. It's a get together and for Nget's birthday as well. As you can see ~~ Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 was the main dish. I preferred the 'Kam Heong Crab' even though it looks like cockroaches. Hehehe. The crabs are a little bit smaller which I don't quite understand why. The Butter Cream Crab are bigger sized.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the place. This place is called Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant ~ a direct translate from 'yeh fa chau'. It's an alcoholic drink that comes from coconut. I personally don't really like the taste. You can drink it just by itself but Nget claims that it smells like rubbish water. Nala added in Guinness ~ like a mixer to it. Well, it does taste better. But I still don't fancy it.

Coconut Flower Drink

About the food... hmmm. It's not that GREAT. It's OK. Can get better crabs in PJ area. But it's not just the food we're after. It's the company that's having food with. Loved the time we spent together making the most noise everywhere! Hehehe! We had the Kangkung Belacan, Signature Fried Tofu ~ very smooth :), Lalah Soup, Fried Calamari ~ sounds posh, eh? ~ and Sweet Sour Shrimp Paste. Overall, it was OK.

Since we had an early dinner, Ney called out for desserts! But around Telok Gong, there's nothing else. So, we headed back to Sunway Pyramid for Honeymoon. Of course not that kinda Honeymoon.

Serving loads of desserts ~ where there's just too much to select from. Here are some numbers that we've ordered. 2 of 'em that I liked ~ the Water Chestnut with Sea Coconut and The Specialty *can't remember the exact name, ler*

If you have a chance to visit here, please refrain yourself from ordering these... The first one is something with Bird's Nest and Sago with Banana. As you can see ~ nothing too special about it. Not worth the price loh.

Belly full ~ Happy heart ~ Great Company


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