Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wassup | Tomorrow is the day!

Yeap. . . Long weekend ahead. My dear Malaysia will be celebrating it's 51st MERDEKA. I'm trying to be patriotic here. *hehe*


Other than that, it will be Weng's and mine big day! Yeay! It's our 9th anniversary. *shy, shy* I did a countdown gift spree! Started to countdown 9 days before 31st August. I gave him 1 present for those 9 days. Each present will have 9 items. Crazy, rite? That was what all my colleagues told me. *Muahaha* Will keep you all updated on the gifts. Need to snap some pix of them.

Cubicle | Free Food & Drinks

Wonder why suddenly there's dinner and drinking session when our payslip is not showing much. . . Anyway, I got myself the spare ribs at TGIF. It was nice, with the sauce and all. But I still feel that Tony Roma serve the best ribs!

My JD Glazed Spare Ribs (not as good as Tony Roma's)

But HEY! It's a great time with the gang! Plus, we have a BIRTHDAY girl in da house! Wohoo!!! She's non other than our BuBu! Clad with her new purple outfit that cost RM100++ o_O ~ it's gorgeous, by the way. She's chirpy as ever. We obviously got her something. Flowers, yes ~ it's artificial. Nowadays, flowers can cost a bomb! Using a bit of creativity, we got her those Memory Lane's flowers and a balloon. Send those to the florist and TADA! It looks great! And those won't end up in the rubbish bin.


See? It matches my outfit today!

Cute ~ cute


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cubicle | Rosak OR No Fuel?

Wanna read a funny story? *hahahahahaha*

There was this guy, a proud new car owner and he was happy. So, yesterday morning ~ knowing that some roads will be closed for the National Day rehearsal and Anuar Ibrahim will be heading to the Parlimen ~ he still paved his way to work with his new car.

But by 11am, his colleagues got a bit worried as he hasn't show up. Then came a SMS saying he was stuck in a terrible jam. Being a resourceful person, he opt another road and he ended up lost somewhere o_O. Fine, he'll informed his colleague that he'll be coming in late.

*tick-tock-tick-tock* That's weird! After lunch and still no sign of him. Finally got hold of him and he was real pissed off. Why? He was cursing at his new car. . . It's stalled in the middle of the highway ~ Jalan Duta. Hmmm. . . . . It can't be. New car woh. That brand supposed to be real good. Well, he called the workshop but they took ages to reach him because of the traffic. Imagine stuck in the middle of the road during rush hour. Being 'hon'ed by buses, lorries, cars. . . But there are some good Samaritans that helped him to push his new car aside.

At last! Workshop guy here! Check, check a bit. . . AHA! *light bulb appearing* I know what's the problem! Did you know that you're out of fuel?

The nearest petrol station is in Segambut. The workshop guy went to buy him some fuel loh.

Moral of the story: Don't buy pirated new car. *pst! He got a VIOS. But his colleagues suspected that he was conned buying a HONDA VIOS not a TOYOTA VIOS*

The story above was narrated by me. And that new car owner guy is our Ah Bong! And the colleagues that is laughing their heads off are Nala, Ah Ney, BuBu, Rachel, Gracie, Web 3.0 and Elvis. *applause*

Wallpaper on Ah Bong's PC ~ courtesy of the Designers Team

"Brother! Next time learn how to see your fuel indicator lar"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cubicle | Run! Dinosaur coming!


Can't resist to post this up. Bubu took this in 'da room'

Wassup | What's Past, Leave It Past

It's been 4 days of hell. We managed it, in a way. What has past, leave it there. Glad that ordeal is over. Now, picking up where we left off.
After 4 days, nothing has changed my mind on you. Remember that...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wassup | See you in 4 years

Extinguished Olympic flame (for now)

Yesterday was the closing of Beijing Olympic 2008. It was as if just yesterday that we saw the opening ceremony. But the closing ceremony was not as GREAT as the opening ceremony. I'm not sure is it because I don't have Astro or something else.

There was Leona Lewis and David Beckham making appearance with a not too grand performance. Finally, got to see Jackie Chan there. Not forgetting Andy Lau, Emil Chau, Karen Mok and Joey Yung. Funny that the 5 cute mascots was not there. Not even in the opening ceremony. [updated: ops! the 5 mascots did made an appearance. Maybe from TV2 ~ I didn't see it loh] And the extinguishing the Olympic flame . . . as it was turning off a stove! I thought it would be a grand thing similar to lighting it on 08.08.08. What a disappointment.

So, in four years time, we'll meet again in London. Pressure is on them as China made an unforgettable impression to the world.

*I'm a proud Chinese!*
*salute to CHINA!*

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wassup | How difficult it could be?

How do you stop yourself from picking up the phone and press speed dial number one?

How do you stop yourself from double-clicking the first name on the list in your MSN list?

Must one refrain from contacting each other during time-off? DUH! It's called time off for a reason.

I've taken chocolate ice-cream. Bought chocolates. Does that really helps?

Wassup | What's been said, was said

True enough. . . What's been said, was said and there is no turning back.

I keep thinking ~ am I asking for a lot? am I that difficult? am I .........? am I ..........? am I ...........?

When did all these started? I keep asking but . . . .

time to think? or decision has been made? I thought talking would be good but . . .

backfired BIG time.

what I believed all these time, is it still the same? does it still exist?

you want time-off? for me to think? or is it for you to think?

will there be any answers for all these?

i dunno

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cubicle | Steamy

Now, now. . . Don't get me wrong here. Steamy here does not imply of anything 18SX. I'm just saying that we had a steamy steamboat dinner yesterday night @ Sunway. No it's not Yuen Restaurant. It's crazy there. We went to the one opposite it. Erm... I can't remember the name of the restaurant. *Sorry*

The journey from KL to Sunway was hilarious! It was supposed to be quite fast BUT since it was raining and the jam was terrific, we used the Putrajaya highway. Came out to Bukit Jalil then went onto Kesas and exited to Sunway. FUYOH!!! It was a long and hungry journey. But it was worth it. Only paying RM21, we ate and ate and ate *plus there was fireworks to watch!* It was included in this package, according to Nala. We're all full but the enjoyment doesn't stops here. Looking at our good friend, Nala whacking the prawns and crabs away was PRICELESS! I think he had about 50 prawns? I dunno, I lost count. I hope his cholesterol level doesn't burst! Keep cool, Nala... Steady ya!

Before the battle begins






Look at the mountain of 'SHELL's that Nala devoured




What he has to say? ~steady lar!~


We have a birthday boy in the house!



He's favourite chocolate banana (our favourite actually *wink!wink!*)

How many candles are there? 80?! o_O "No! No!" ~ Ah Ney said: "I meant he was born in 1980". OK. Minus, divide, add. . . Erm. . . He's 28! YEAY!!! Have a great one ya!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Silver Screen | WALL.E

Fantastic! Without having to say much, these 2 robots did send messages out loud and clear. I'm yapping about WALL.E *the cutest robot, i must say* and his girlfriend, EVE :)

I was a bit late watching this one. But, please people, must go see. It's funny, exciting, sad ~i nearly shed some tears *sniff, sniff*.

Earth being filled with trash, humans opt to live in space until the robots clean up their mess. But something went wrong and the earth was left vacant with only WALL.E, the only surviving robot. Being so lonely, he has only a cockroach as his companion. So, when EVE came by ~ it was love at first sight. Following his heart, he followed EVE to the human inhibited ship. It comes to see that the humans are so dependent on robots until they forgot about earth. Seeing that earth is ready for living, they need to go back and start a new life.

The whole story is about our earth environment, taking care of it, do our part in preserving it. It's a great movie for kids as well as those who are still young in heart.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cubicle | Boarding Pass

It's Saturday night and I'm at home while someone else goes clubbing. Well, this is me. As I was yawning myself away I found myself typing away here.
Finally I got my boarding pass to my flight. For those who are on the waiting list as well as those looking for suitable flight ~ you have my best wishes. There is one out there, be patient.

Well, this new flight is totally different from what I'm on now. I wanted to change, wanted to venture into something new. I think I'd have enough of 2 1/2 years here. Time to move on.

Hopefully all things goes well this coming Monday and I'll have my confirmation on my boarding pass.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wassup | chat yuet sap sei

Today go home early. . . It's 'chat yuet sap sei' meaning the 14th day of the 7th month in Chinese lunar calender. For the whole month is the Hungry Ghost Festival where the gates of hell opens and ghost roam the earth. These are wandering soul; sometimes if your low in luck many funny things can happen. I rather not to say it too much here. You might can't read it here coz someone or something is blocking your eyesight. ~Muahahahaha~ *evil laugh*

So, go home earlier today. . .
But sometimes good things can happen on this day too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trippin | Seremban - Melaka

Itinerary for the weekend ~ Sat: Crab dinner in Seremban, chillin' session in Melaka, Sun: Lunch in Melaka, buy Seremban siew pau in Seremban (duh!). Guest: Gary from Singapore! (clap! clap!)


Why did the cows crossed the road?

They want to get to the other side of the road, of coz! (kuang, kuang, kuang) We took the trunk road and these is what you'll get. A family of cows crossing the road. We have no choice but to stop and wait for the whole gang to pass by. . . ~MOOOOOOO~

Yeap! We went all the way to Seremban for the "siew hai". I think it's called BBQ crab. Heard that it was the best.

Do you want a piece of me?!

True enough, it was delicious! And pricey too. RM43 per kg! And there is only 2 crabs. I rather for Kuala Selangor for seafood. But I think no where can beat this BBQ crab. We ordered the salted egg crab too. Nothing to brag about there.

The famous "siew hai"

Salted egg crab ~ so, so lah

After crab, we head down to Melaka for some chillin' session with Alan. Went to a place called Pure Bar. Not bad for Melaka. The place was filled with college people though. Too young... And the JW bottle we opened was like ~sigh~ being conned! We didn't even finish it but took it back with us.

Pure Bar @ Melaka

And what is a Melaka trip without satay celup? Burp! All red-faced and a bit stoned went to celup some satay before calling it a night. . . or is it a day? Anyway, we ate and went to sleep lah.

Melaka must-have ~ satay celup

Before going back to KL, another must-have ~ Chicken Rice Ball. Not the Afamosa restaurant. The other restaurant called "Woh Gei". Then we look for cendol. My usual spot was filled with tourist. So, we just whack any cendol stall around. A place called Lily & Donald.

Woh Kei

We made a pit-stop in Seremban for the "Siew Pau" Yummy! Does it really taste differently from the ones bought in KL? I dunno. It's delicious, it doesn't matter.

Seremban Siew Pau

And that's it! Weekend well spent. Leisurely and financially. Thanks Gary for the crabs! And spending time with us. *muaks*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wassup | Two Become One


It was a grand wedding, indeed. Loved the decor of white and gold. Luckily I did wear white and gold as everyone was dressed in those colors. The bride's maid wore white and gold sari while the groom's maid wore white and gold sam fu. A well mixture of Chinese and Indian culture.

The newly-weds

The entrance was fab! It was just like those western movies. I nearly shed a tear during their wedding vows ~ b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. There was the flower bouquet throwing too. Well, I didn't get it. Is that a sign? Hmmm... San San caught it ~ she's getting married next year! Oh yea! Pei Xia is getting married too, next January. I didn't snap as much pix as I used to. First, there was professional photographers around. Second, I was enjoying the ceremony. So, I ended up snapping pix of my school mates. Long time no see. . .

I wish you both all the best. Hope to see little Ling Ling and little Vinod running around soon.

More pix here: (from the professional lah)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wassup | 08.08.08

Is today a really good day? Chinese says 8 is "fatt". But in Chinese Lunar calender, 08.08.08 is on the eighth day of the seventh month "chat yuet chor pat". Whereby the seventh month is the hungry ghost month. A bit contradicting, rite? Let's not talk about these superstitious stuff la. . .

Well, everyone knows that today at 8.08pm, Olympic Beijing will commence. "Beijing huan ying nie..."

Besides Olympic, one of my girl friend is getting hitched! Yeay! Congrats to LING LING and VINOD. Meaning I can't watch the Olympic opening. But, going to a church wedding is nice. Never really went to a church wedding before. Heard that it's romantic. Wonder how'd mine be. . . . Anyway, the theme for the wedding is white and gold. I finally found a nice white dress and a pair of gold earrings. That should be enough.

Even their wedding invitation card is white and gold. That's the spirit!

V & L *Vinod & Ling*

Pst! Did I mentioned that my friend Ling Ling is a doctor? Her husband, Vinod is also a doctor. So, I think I can get free MC next time. He he he. . .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cubicle | Stress Attack

Put up an anti-stress kit ~ USE IT!

** Plan your own suicide ~ DO IT!

Don't have the guts to do it? Decorate your work place with splashes of B.L.O.O.D! It will make an impression that you want to die coz of the job.

**see the SEKK in the second pix? SEKK = "shit eater, kau kau"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wassup | . . .

When you love someone more than he loves you,
you'll do anything to switch the scales
You dress the way you think he'd like you to dress
You pick up his favourite figures of expression
You tell yourself that if you re-create yourself in his image,
then he will crave you the same way you crave him
~QUOTED from: Jodi Picoult - Vanishing Acts~

Monday, August 4, 2008

Silver Screen | The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

The mummies arises again. This time in China and that is why Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh comes in. Together with Isabella Leong and Anthony Wong. Once again, Brendan Fraser as Rick but his wife, Evie has changed from Rachel Weisz to Maria Bello. I feel Rachel Weisz will do a better job for Evie. Rick's son ~ Alex (Luke Ford) has grown up to become a college drop-out archaeologist.

Jet Li ~ The Dragon Emperor

Michelle Yeoh ~ Zi Yuan the Sorceress

The story goes by the Rick and Evie is retired and having a quite life at their mansion. Which was not what they wanted. Adventure is what they crave for. So, they were delighted that they were called for duty ~ sending an artifact back to China where they bumped into Alex with his discovery of the Dragon Emperor. Well, I'm not a story teller here. Go watch it for yourself.

I tried The Garden's GSC Signature. It was really nice, the seats are all couple seats. You should try it. But do choose a worth watching movie. The Mummy, can lah.

Well, having the Signature in the name ~ for sure you'll need to pay more. Thus, CHOOSE a worthy movie. The price is RM20 per ticket!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Michelangelo's Ristorante & Bar M @ Soho KL

Nope. By all means, this Michelangelo is not about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Opened at Soho KL ~ Solaris Mont' Kiara. It's a restaurant [ristorante in Italian] and bar. Let me tell you about Solaris Mont' Kiara first. It's a food hub compromising of restaurants, bar, pubs, cafes, etc. But it's not fully opened yet. Give it another month or so. . . It would turn out like Bangsar.

So, Michelangelo Ristorante. . . The food was nice. Six of us ordered quite a bit till the bill came to a whopping RM300++!! Weng and me shared a plate of pasta with soft shell crab (RM24.90) and tiramisu (RM15.90). Pasta was just OK-OK. Tiramisu is a must-try.

Spicy tomato base pasta with soft shell crab


Another must-try is the Smoked Salmon pizza (RM29.90). Thin crusted with just the right amount of cheese. Mama Mia!!! I loved it!

Smokin' salmon pizza

The other dishes was the ceaser salad, mushroom soup (RM12.90), the lamb rack ~ Agnello Al Forno, the pasta with beef and a steak (RM69.90). Yes, you saw it right. This is not a typo error. The steak did cost a bit but it was nice.

Ceaser salad

Steak ~ pricey

Lamb rack

Creamy pasta with beef

Oh yea! This actually is the third Michelangelo in town. There's one in Pavilion KL and Sunway Pyramid.

Michelangelo’s Ristorante & Bar M
Lot J-OG-03 & J-OG-04, Soho KL
2 Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62037734
Business hours: Sun-Thurs (11am-11pm), Fri-Sat (11am-midnight)