Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cubicle | Rosak OR No Fuel?

Wanna read a funny story? *hahahahahaha*

There was this guy, a proud new car owner and he was happy. So, yesterday morning ~ knowing that some roads will be closed for the National Day rehearsal and Anuar Ibrahim will be heading to the Parlimen ~ he still paved his way to work with his new car.

But by 11am, his colleagues got a bit worried as he hasn't show up. Then came a SMS saying he was stuck in a terrible jam. Being a resourceful person, he opt another road and he ended up lost somewhere o_O. Fine, he'll informed his colleague that he'll be coming in late.

*tick-tock-tick-tock* That's weird! After lunch and still no sign of him. Finally got hold of him and he was real pissed off. Why? He was cursing at his new car. . . It's stalled in the middle of the highway ~ Jalan Duta. Hmmm. . . . . It can't be. New car woh. That brand supposed to be real good. Well, he called the workshop but they took ages to reach him because of the traffic. Imagine stuck in the middle of the road during rush hour. Being 'hon'ed by buses, lorries, cars. . . But there are some good Samaritans that helped him to push his new car aside.

At last! Workshop guy here! Check, check a bit. . . AHA! *light bulb appearing* I know what's the problem! Did you know that you're out of fuel?

The nearest petrol station is in Segambut. The workshop guy went to buy him some fuel loh.

Moral of the story: Don't buy pirated new car. *pst! He got a VIOS. But his colleagues suspected that he was conned buying a HONDA VIOS not a TOYOTA VIOS*

The story above was narrated by me. And that new car owner guy is our Ah Bong! And the colleagues that is laughing their heads off are Nala, Ah Ney, BuBu, Rachel, Gracie, Web 3.0 and Elvis. *applause*

Wallpaper on Ah Bong's PC ~ courtesy of the Designers Team

"Brother! Next time learn how to see your fuel indicator lar"

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