Friday, August 8, 2008

Wassup | 08.08.08

Is today a really good day? Chinese says 8 is "fatt". But in Chinese Lunar calender, 08.08.08 is on the eighth day of the seventh month "chat yuet chor pat". Whereby the seventh month is the hungry ghost month. A bit contradicting, rite? Let's not talk about these superstitious stuff la. . .

Well, everyone knows that today at 8.08pm, Olympic Beijing will commence. "Beijing huan ying nie..."

Besides Olympic, one of my girl friend is getting hitched! Yeay! Congrats to LING LING and VINOD. Meaning I can't watch the Olympic opening. But, going to a church wedding is nice. Never really went to a church wedding before. Heard that it's romantic. Wonder how'd mine be. . . . Anyway, the theme for the wedding is white and gold. I finally found a nice white dress and a pair of gold earrings. That should be enough.

Even their wedding invitation card is white and gold. That's the spirit!

V & L *Vinod & Ling*

Pst! Did I mentioned that my friend Ling Ling is a doctor? Her husband, Vinod is also a doctor. So, I think I can get free MC next time. He he he. . .

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