Monday, August 25, 2008

Wassup | See you in 4 years

Extinguished Olympic flame (for now)

Yesterday was the closing of Beijing Olympic 2008. It was as if just yesterday that we saw the opening ceremony. But the closing ceremony was not as GREAT as the opening ceremony. I'm not sure is it because I don't have Astro or something else.

There was Leona Lewis and David Beckham making appearance with a not too grand performance. Finally, got to see Jackie Chan there. Not forgetting Andy Lau, Emil Chau, Karen Mok and Joey Yung. Funny that the 5 cute mascots was not there. Not even in the opening ceremony. [updated: ops! the 5 mascots did made an appearance. Maybe from TV2 ~ I didn't see it loh] And the extinguishing the Olympic flame . . . as it was turning off a stove! I thought it would be a grand thing similar to lighting it on 08.08.08. What a disappointment.

So, in four years time, we'll meet again in London. Pressure is on them as China made an unforgettable impression to the world.

*I'm a proud Chinese!*
*salute to CHINA!*

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