Sunday, May 30, 2010

Halo | New Life

10 years date *sap lien ji yeok* Yeap. Finally we've settled down. The wedding was a success. And we don't feel as scared as what they said about preparing for a wedding. Just enjoy the ride =) I know we did.

Here are some shots from our charming photographers ~ Jeff & Alan. You can look for Jeff Chin from New Chapter - Photography & Videography in FB.

Well, that was a short summary of the day. If I were to share you the whole thing... I'm not sure how long this blog will be. So, let's make it short and simple. I'll share the dinner pix soon.

Meet my charming photographer ~ Jeff

And my lovely make-up artist ~ Syezen
Thanks so much ~ Jeff & Syezen!

And here's to us. *tak habis-habis camwhoring =p*

OK. Let's rewind a bit back to the day before. The comb-hair ceremony. Of course I won't let you see how I look like. Hahaha. It's a customary thing to do. I feel a bit sad ~ coz I'll be leaving home. Not that I'm going far. But the fact that I'm not really staying with them anymore...

As they said, you won't live under your parent's roof forever. It's time... I love you daddy, mummy =)

Us ~ the monkeys
And they lived happily ever after =)

Halo | Something fishy


What do you think about the pix? Cool, rite? I'm so loving it! Of course it's using film. That's the nice part ~ anticipation & surprise!

Introducing my new toy ~ fisheye 2 *applause* No, I didn't bought 2. One of these is Alf's. The poisoner. LOL! He got it first, then I got mine like 15 minutes later. Bad, Alf. Hahahaha. But no regrets, man!

Nicely packed =)
Here's more!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Halo | Singapore

First thing first ~ let's talk about the good things. SHOPPING! And walking from 10am till 10pm. So need a massage... Anyway, did manage to get some stuff. I'm not earning SG, ok? So, even it's super cheap in SGD I can't really buy it.

Biggest damage ~ fisheye 2! No regret! Love it to the bits. I'll post up some pix later. After that, I think it would be the cosmetics. Cheaper by a few ringgits from Malaysia. Then, a cute bag. And 2 flats and a tank top. That's about it. Oh ya, and a few extra kgs from the morning till nite eating. Thanks for feeding us Alf and Gkoe!

Now ~ most of you might be wondering why on earth that I'm not bragging about the latest HOT place in SG ~ The Universal Studios. Sigh.... As it was a long weekend, the tix was sold our long ago. Note to self: REMEMBER TO RESERVE BEFORE GOING!

And yes, we're disappointed =( Well, let's make time for more shopping then! *woman are like that ~ easily cheered up by shopping*

So, till the next time ~~~ Universal Studios ~~~ wait for me =)
Thanks so much to Alf and Gkoe for letting us barge into your home and weekends. Spending time with the wacky us. Muaks!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halo | Ready for a short holiday!

Wohoo! Needed a break after the hectic weeks. Will be heading to Singapore to meet up some friends. And of course for shopping! It's the Great Singapore Sales!

So, what are you waiting for? Head down here and shop all you can =) *muahahahaha* evil laugh

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Screen | Iron Man 2 with Shrek Ever After

OK. I haven't been to the movies lately as I was tied up with lotsa stuff. Taking the whole week off =) we went to catch a movie or 2.

First in line ~ of course is Iron Man 2. Yes. I'm still into Robert Downey Jr. Hehehe. Well, can't say much about the movie. You know the cue lah. Tony Stark being a stuck up super hero just can't stop inviting villain to have a piece of him.

I have to say that I prefer Iron Man 2. Well, as I usually say, sequels are so-so only. It's good entertainment though.

Next, we had Sherk Ever After. The last one. This time they know that sequels are not working. Shrek being a husband and father find himself bored with his mundane life. He went Rumpelstiltskin for a deal that made him never existed. So, he needs Fiona to fall in love with him again ~ kiss him to break the deal. What can I say ~ it's a fairy tale =)


Monday, May 24, 2010

Halo | YEAY! Gaudim!

After all the preparations and hard work =) All are done. Finally everything is settled. I have not compile the photos to share with you all. It was a blast! I enjoyed it. Yeah, it was very hectic but it was fun. Really worthwhile and enjoyable.

So, hold on to your seats. I'll share the bit and pieces with you all soon =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halo | T-minus 3 days!

*dup~dup, dup~dup, dup~dup*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Halo | What the ...

So, so, so frustrated!!! Is it too much to ask to have the whole family to be present?

Halo | Hen's Nite Out

Finally got a chance to have a breather and whoosh we went to Wabisabi @ TTDI for my Hen's Nite with my colleagues *kok, kok, kok, kok, kok*

Nope, I wasn't wasted. I drove myself back safely home =) Had a fun and crazy night. Let's just say I'll keep my distance from Wabisabi for a while. Hehehe... But it was good business indeed. I've sold lotsa bananas!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screen | Bounty Hunter

I need to surrender myself here. I kinda fell asleep during The Bounty Hunter. Now ~ now ~ don't get me wrong. There's nothing bad about this movie. It's funny. And with Gerard Butler in it =) Ahhhhh. I'm just pure tired and I just snoozed off. Paiseh... Leaving the movie to only Weng. Sorry ahhh.

So, do you expect me to tell you a bit of the story? Let's see how much did I saw. LOL! Milo (Gerard Butler) is a bounty hunter. I must tell you that bounty hunter is not an official police. They capture people for money. Like a private investigator with a gun and they get paid.

Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) is Milo's x-wife and you might have guess it, the bounty. So, we have the x-husband wanting to put his x-wife to jail. It's a hate-love situation.

And... that's about it. The rest was zzzzzz until I saw the credits. Hahahaha.

Thanks Liyen for the tix!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Halo | Done Deal

The day of "guo dai lai" came. That means we have only -2 weeks before the big day! OMG! No cold feet yet. LOL! What does "guo dai lai" means? The groom side have to give the big angpau to the bride's parents, together with the biscuits. And some other small small stuff.

Look at the size of this angpau!

"ga lui peang"

So, I am counting the days to come. There are a few things are still not done yet. I just hope we have enough time =)

Halo | Our Storybook =)

Remember that we had a crazy photo shoot at Melaka with our crazy friends? Well, here's what was the plan for those photos =) It's finally out! May I present you..... *drum rolls* OUR STORYBOOK...

We've carefully chosen photos for this 32 pages album. Designed by him, very simple ~ old school kinda look. Which reminds me of my parent's ancient photo albums. So, here's a few pages for you =)

It comes with a box too! *well, it cost RM15* I hear people asking "how much?", "where's the shop?" It's called STORYBOOK. Do check out their shop in Tropicana City Mall, top floor. Here's the site. They do design as well. And, yes. Designs are very nice. As for the cost, please consult them for better price =) As for my case, the design was done by us and the cost was a bit cheaper.

Nice? Hehehe... It's kinda different from our wedding album from bridal shop. This captures the moment that we had during the shoot. The laughter ~ the craziness. Every time I flip through this, it puts a smile on my face. Thinking of the moment we've shared with our friends. You won't have that kinda feeling with the normal wedding album.

Thanks Alf ~ Rach ~ Fong =)

And thanks to STORYBOOK =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Halo | Stupidity

And I was thinking that something has changed. But something really don't ever change ~ ever. Got this notification letter saying that my passport will be dead soon, asking me to renew it. And it was kind enough to tell me which office was open on weekends. WOW! Canggih, rite?

So, confidently I went to the Damansara office on Saturday. Weird... no one was queuing up at the numbering counter. Then the security guard told me "NOMBOR SUDAH HABIS!" OK, fine. Then I was told by friends that I can do it via kiosk. Ada harapan lagi =) NOT! It seems that the kiosk is OFF on weekends! Hahahahaha! What a joke!

Anyway, Sunday I went back as early 6.40am. And look at the queue! This was before the doors opens!

Finally the hell doors opens! Before 8am ~ good sign! That was what I thought. It was just the beginning of my very long morning. I queued for another hour to get my number. Which was 146. It was the fourth last number. You see ~ the office only operates till 1pm on Sunday. And the quota for the day is 150. I was damn lucky lor!

Went to a long breakfast. After an hour, the number was only at 1060. OMG! Long story cut short, I complete the whole thing by 12.30pm! And the collection was tomorrow. Was supposed to be 2 hours after. But I was kinda the last ones, knowing them ~ they won't rush for you.

Initially I wanted to renew for 2 years ~ RM100. But I don't want to do this again in 1 1/2 years time. So, die~die I renewed 5 years!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halo | Something to Share =)

Screen | IP MAN 2

"Is winning more important or having dinner with your family more important?" quoted Ip Man

Finally got a chance to hit the cinema and the 1st movie I wanted was Ip Man 2! Yeap, over Iron Man 2. Sorry Robert... I'm supporting Donnie this time =) So, here we have the sequel of IP Man. What can I say except praise and applause! Most of us might think, sequels are not as good. I can say this is NOT! I still feel the energy ~ the passion ~ the love ~ ahhhhh.

This time Ip Man heads to HK spreading Wing Chun. But met Hung (Summo Hung) aka the Boss. So, when 1 master meets another master, you know what happens. And Summo still have it! Love the fighting scene =)

Must see ~ Must see ~