Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Halo | Our Storybook =)

Remember that we had a crazy photo shoot at Melaka with our crazy friends? Well, here's what was the plan for those photos =) It's finally out! May I present you..... *drum rolls* OUR STORYBOOK...

We've carefully chosen photos for this 32 pages album. Designed by him, very simple ~ old school kinda look. Which reminds me of my parent's ancient photo albums. So, here's a few pages for you =)

It comes with a box too! *well, it cost RM15* I hear people asking "how much?", "where's the shop?" It's called STORYBOOK. Do check out their shop in Tropicana City Mall, top floor. Here's the site. They do design as well. And, yes. Designs are very nice. As for the cost, please consult them for better price =) As for my case, the design was done by us and the cost was a bit cheaper.

Nice? Hehehe... It's kinda different from our wedding album from bridal shop. This captures the moment that we had during the shoot. The laughter ~ the craziness. Every time I flip through this, it puts a smile on my face. Thinking of the moment we've shared with our friends. You won't have that kinda feeling with the normal wedding album.

Thanks Alf ~ Rach ~ Fong =)

And thanks to STORYBOOK =)

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