Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screen | Bounty Hunter

I need to surrender myself here. I kinda fell asleep during The Bounty Hunter. Now ~ now ~ don't get me wrong. There's nothing bad about this movie. It's funny. And with Gerard Butler in it =) Ahhhhh. I'm just pure tired and I just snoozed off. Paiseh... Leaving the movie to only Weng. Sorry ahhh.

So, do you expect me to tell you a bit of the story? Let's see how much did I saw. LOL! Milo (Gerard Butler) is a bounty hunter. I must tell you that bounty hunter is not an official police. They capture people for money. Like a private investigator with a gun and they get paid.

Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) is Milo's x-wife and you might have guess it, the bounty. So, we have the x-husband wanting to put his x-wife to jail. It's a hate-love situation.

And... that's about it. The rest was zzzzzz until I saw the credits. Hahahaha.

Thanks Liyen for the tix!!!

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