Sunday, May 30, 2010

Halo | New Life

10 years date *sap lien ji yeok* Yeap. Finally we've settled down. The wedding was a success. And we don't feel as scared as what they said about preparing for a wedding. Just enjoy the ride =) I know we did.

Here are some shots from our charming photographers ~ Jeff & Alan. You can look for Jeff Chin from New Chapter - Photography & Videography in FB.

Well, that was a short summary of the day. If I were to share you the whole thing... I'm not sure how long this blog will be. So, let's make it short and simple. I'll share the dinner pix soon.

Meet my charming photographer ~ Jeff

And my lovely make-up artist ~ Syezen
Thanks so much ~ Jeff & Syezen!

And here's to us. *tak habis-habis camwhoring =p*

OK. Let's rewind a bit back to the day before. The comb-hair ceremony. Of course I won't let you see how I look like. Hahaha. It's a customary thing to do. I feel a bit sad ~ coz I'll be leaving home. Not that I'm going far. But the fact that I'm not really staying with them anymore...

As they said, you won't live under your parent's roof forever. It's time... I love you daddy, mummy =)

Us ~ the monkeys
And they lived happily ever after =)

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saltvinegar said...

OMG your PG is so good!! MY KL one really sucks!! But my KL MUA Remy was amazing and the JB PG was great too!! Wish i had the best of both worlds! But for yours i would say its perfect!!I agree weddings are great!