Thursday, February 26, 2009

Halo | What a meaningful day...

One broken nail
One bruised arm

Two boxes of apples
125 apples per box
250 ribbon-tied apples

Dozens of children's smiling




Today was a special day. A meaningful day. A charitable day. Company was officially off for all of us to give something back to the community. I was in the fund raising gang and we need to ask for anyone with a caring heart to donate to a few children homes around town.

My mini team ~ THE APPLE 'GIRLS' *sorry Darren, hee hee* managed to raised a few thousand. With sweat and rain, we managed to deliver the appreciation fruit to those kind-hearted ones. Thank you everyone for lending a hand to the little ones :) *salute!*

It was tired but fun! Thanks June, Audrey and Darren! We did it! *applause!!!*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Halo | First bill

Behold! My first TNB bill! My very own TNB bill. Haven't started to live there and have to pay the electric bill of RM6. Which there was a RM3 overdue.

More bills will be coming soon. *remember to breath*

Monday, February 23, 2009

Halo | What do you think?

I've been doing research on electrical appliances. Did you know there are so many types of fridge, washing machine, air-cond, etc. So many choices, so many brands. I'm getting confused!

But we did narrow the scope down. With a bit of designer feel, we tried our best. We came down to a selection, which we haven't check for the price. It might not agree with our pocket. Just have to wait and see.

Simple is the plan. So, don't want those fancy stuff. Sticking to mostly silver for the kitchen. I would really love a side-by-side fridge. But money and space wise won't allow me to have it. Sigh...

Anyway, life must go on. Here's some stuff planned. What do you think?

*Thanks LG Malaysia (

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food | Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Hello folks! It's time again for food. *You'll see lesser food blogs as I have other priorities to attend to* I found this lovely place at 1 Utama, New Wing, just next to Reebok store. There's another outlet at Bangsar Village. As per what it's named as Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe. Once you stepped into the place, you'll be mesmerized by the decor. It's like a garden! With loads of greens, flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. *Mind you, it's all artificial.*

Why lifestyle store? Beyond the greenery, there's a store selling clothing. And those cute artificial flowers and plants are up for grabs too! I really felt like buying a few for myself. *control! control!*

I have no comments on the food as I was there to have drinks with my friends. But I think it should taste good, looking at the presentation. But the atmosphere is great! Nice place to have chats with friends and family. Oh! And Lin did say "it's a nice place for wedding photos too" Hmmm...
Told you it was green!
You really should go and have a try. I loved it. Will be heading there for a meal soon :)

Paperback | The Cullens

YES!!!!! Got it! Thanks to Min. Thanks for selling me these. I still don't understand why wouldn't you finish New Moon and continue with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I know that New Moon was boring but you really have to know what's the outcome of Edward and Jake.

So, these few days I'll be busy putting myself into the world of the Cullens. After New Moon, I still feel that Twilight is the best. Being the first book and introducing Edward and Bella, it was unforgettable.

Shoo! Shoo! Go away. I need to see Edward now :)

Halo | 5 hours dinner

People might say that we're crazy. People might say that we're high. But for sure we're hungry. Friday ~ I finished work early and thought of having a nice dinner with him. So, finally he came and started asking what to eat. Erm...

Then we started to drive, drive, drive and where did we end up? MELAKA! o_O Yeap. You read it correctly. We reached there around 10pm. Met up with my brother and family for ikan bakar dinner at Sg Duyung. Ohhh! We've surprised them big time :)

I wish I could stay longer with my nephew and niece but we need to head back to KL. Wouldn't want our parents to worry sick. It was a fun journey ~ talked, laughed, saw 2 turtle-turned cars. And of course EAT! I wish I could snap more photos but was real tired and wanted to eat everything. Hehe. Here's the only photo that I managed to snap *while waiting for my fish, clams, squid, etc. to come*

Reached home around 1.30am! Oh. And I didn't went to bed. Just can't resist Edward Cullen. Managed to finish 1 chapter before zzzzzz......

Monday, February 16, 2009

Halo | Pau's

One day Papa Char Siu Pau and Mama Char Siu Pau with Baby Char Siu Pau were crossing the road.
Then a lorry ran over Baby Char Siu Pau, squashing him.

Papa Char Siu Pau wasn't sad but instead he give Mama Char Siu Pau one tight slap.



Baby Char Siu Pau was a Kaya Pau!

*get it? i know, i know ~ lame, lame, lame*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Halo | ROM

The date? 14th February 2009
The place? Ipoh, Perak
The time? 10am!
The couple? Kie Soon & Kem Peng

Yes. We drove all the way to Ipoh to attend our best pal's ROM. Ah Soon! Congratulations on signing the big paper. You have guts! Yeay! Congrats to you and Kem Peng *I hope I got the spelling right*

The newly 'signed' couple

The date itself is very popular. Most couple would chose this date. My opinion? It's easy to remember for the guys about anniversary. But not my pal here, Ah Soon. He's a great guy and knows how to take care of people. I think the date for him is just purely romantic.

Look at the ROM event in Ipoh. It's a nice date thus loads of couples wants to seal the deal on that day. In total, 29 pairs got married :) But it didn't made it to today's newspaper headlines :( But fret not, it's headlines here!

We all in the gang are happy for you, Ah Soon! Finally you'll be settling down in Penang. Build a family. So, next time when we visit ~ no need hotel anymore!

All smiles for the camera

Congrats again!

So, we'll meet you both in December for the dinner! *Burp*

Friday, February 13, 2009

Halo | Roses

My [V] Day pressie

Bouquet of 12 red roses


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Halo | Valentine's around the corner

That was fast! CNY just flew by and now Valentine's. What plans do we have for that day? Hmmmm..... I wish it would be more adventurous. We'll be heading north to attend a best friend's Registration of Marriage. It's a day trippin'! *wohoo!*

It's finally Friday! *tomorrow that is*

Why am I blogging at this hour? Sigh... I left my precious external in the office. Can't do work. Can't watch CSI. So, I'm bored! I can read. But I really want to get my hands on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The saga is hanging halfway! I want to know what happens to Edward and Bella. I can't buy it now as dough is running low. Statement date is still far away. Argh!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Screen | Twilight

Well~well. How can I miss the movie after the book? True that they say the book was better than the movie. Book always illustrate more. Anyway, Ben Pattinson is OK. The movie made him HOT (or rather COLD?) But in real life. . . not that cute.

Edward Cullen

Do you know where was he from? Remember Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix? He's Cedric Diggory. So, now you know that he's not that HOT actually. Hehe.

This is a story of the lion falls in love with a lamb. Edward Cullen *gorgeously written in the book* is one of 'the cold ones' with his foster family lives in Forks, the wettest place on earth. Meeting Bella was the ray of happiness to him. He being 17 'for a while' just can't stay away from the fragile Bella. It's a love story. Sorry guys, it's targeted to the gals.

I personally feel that the director can make it better. Keeping my fingers crossed for a better sequel, New Moon. But it was a good watch ~ you should read the book first. That's my advise.

**Edward, I'm not scared of you too!**

OK. Better start on my work now. Just can't wait till it's weekend ~ road trippin' up North! Yeay!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Halo | Is there an EDWARD CULLEN out there?

NOW! I know why everyone is crazy about EDWARD CULLEN .

But seriously, is there a live version of Edward himself? He's too perfect to be real. I know, I know, it's a girl's dream to meet a knight on a white horse. *which it doesn't really happens in real life*

But still.... AHHHH..... It's refreshing to read such a hottie in a book. I'm not too sure about the movie. Maybe I got the Robert Pattinson (Edward in the movie) in my head when I was reading the book. But will give it a try later.

See what I mean?

So, as I was asking "IS THERE REALLY SOMEONE LIKE EDWARD?" If there is, he must be a dinosaur or he's a robot. * Like the Shepherd's Wife ~ starring Nicole Kidman* o_O