Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Screen | Twilight

Well~well. How can I miss the movie after the book? True that they say the book was better than the movie. Book always illustrate more. Anyway, Ben Pattinson is OK. The movie made him HOT (or rather COLD?) But in real life. . . not that cute.

Edward Cullen

Do you know where was he from? Remember Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix? He's Cedric Diggory. So, now you know that he's not that HOT actually. Hehe.

This is a story of the lion falls in love with a lamb. Edward Cullen *gorgeously written in the book* is one of 'the cold ones' with his foster family lives in Forks, the wettest place on earth. Meeting Bella was the ray of happiness to him. He being 17 'for a while' just can't stay away from the fragile Bella. It's a love story. Sorry guys, it's targeted to the gals.

I personally feel that the director can make it better. Keeping my fingers crossed for a better sequel, New Moon. But it was a good watch ~ you should read the book first. That's my advise.

**Edward, I'm not scared of you too!**

OK. Better start on my work now. Just can't wait till it's weekend ~ road trippin' up North! Yeay!

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