Monday, February 23, 2009

Halo | What do you think?

I've been doing research on electrical appliances. Did you know there are so many types of fridge, washing machine, air-cond, etc. So many choices, so many brands. I'm getting confused!

But we did narrow the scope down. With a bit of designer feel, we tried our best. We came down to a selection, which we haven't check for the price. It might not agree with our pocket. Just have to wait and see.

Simple is the plan. So, don't want those fancy stuff. Sticking to mostly silver for the kitchen. I would really love a side-by-side fridge. But money and space wise won't allow me to have it. Sigh...

Anyway, life must go on. Here's some stuff planned. What do you think?

*Thanks LG Malaysia (

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