Sunday, February 15, 2009

Halo | ROM

The date? 14th February 2009
The place? Ipoh, Perak
The time? 10am!
The couple? Kie Soon & Kem Peng

Yes. We drove all the way to Ipoh to attend our best pal's ROM. Ah Soon! Congratulations on signing the big paper. You have guts! Yeay! Congrats to you and Kem Peng *I hope I got the spelling right*

The newly 'signed' couple

The date itself is very popular. Most couple would chose this date. My opinion? It's easy to remember for the guys about anniversary. But not my pal here, Ah Soon. He's a great guy and knows how to take care of people. I think the date for him is just purely romantic.

Look at the ROM event in Ipoh. It's a nice date thus loads of couples wants to seal the deal on that day. In total, 29 pairs got married :) But it didn't made it to today's newspaper headlines :( But fret not, it's headlines here!

We all in the gang are happy for you, Ah Soon! Finally you'll be settling down in Penang. Build a family. So, next time when we visit ~ no need hotel anymore!

All smiles for the camera

Congrats again!

So, we'll meet you both in December for the dinner! *Burp*

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