Monday, April 30, 2012

Halo | Outings

Well, well... I think it will be a while for my next outing. Going out would be a major task with Kay Kay around.

But I don't think that would stop us for too long. You know us, we can't really stand still I hope Kay Kay will be able to join our outings ^^

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Halo | Confinement ending soon

Wow! Another Sunday. Next Sunday there will be no more Yong Jie, my confinement lady. I'm happy that the confinement is ending. Meaning that I can wash my hair and go out. But worried that I cannot handle Kay Kay by myself. But hey! Need to keep a positive mind! So, wish me luck in the last week of my confinement to train myself to change diapers, bath her, feed her, etc. I can do this!!! ^^

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Halo | I'm Kay Kay

Hi everyone! My name is Kay Kay. That's me in the photos. I'm hijacking Mummy's blog to intro myself here =) Mummy and Daddy took a lot of my photos since I came. I'm their personal model. Here are some shots! Enjoy!

Here's me ~ just a few days old =)

This is my Daddy ~ while waiting for me to greet the world. Busy feeding his FB on the status in the labour room =)

This is Mummy's hand. Being poked when she went to into the labour room ~ Ouch!

Here are some of my best shots. More to come I hope. Well, Daddy loves to take photos. And when I came along, I'm his only model *proud* Here are only those take via iPhone. He hasn't taken his DSLR yet. That is, if I don't give too much trouble for him and Mummy in the coming days =p


My feet. Big, eh? 

Here's my latest shot, taken today by Mummy... They say I look different everyday. But still looking more like Daddy =)

OK. Got to go now. See you all soon ^^

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Halo | New role

It's been 3 weeks as a MOM now. Looking at my blog entry, I've been busy. Luckily I have Yong Jie, my confinement lady to help out. However, I'm really scared of the day when she leave us. I hope I can handle Kay Kay =)

I'll share photos of her soon. I still have to rest a lot. And yes, confinement is a pain but it's a must. While I'm counting the days to become a full-time MOM, I'm also counting the days to have my hair washed! Yes. I'm smelly. I can take herbal baths but no hair washing. Ewww!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Halo | 5th April 2012 ~ Hello world ^^

That would be my princess first word I she could speak ^^ Yup! I have delivered my princess on Thursday, 5th April. Today, is her 3rd day ^^ I can't put the whole experience here yet coz I'm still in the hospital. No worries both of us are OK. Hopefully can be discharge today. Will update soon ^^

So, I'm a mom now ^^ A new chapter of my journey...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Halo | New hair ^^

What do you think?

I've strike off a lot from my TO-DO list before I pop. One of it is to have my hair cut. Won't be visiting my stylist for a while after baby comes. The first thing my stylist said to me "What did you do to your hair?!" Actually, he always says that to me =p

So, got my hair done with treatment as well. So good of him to think of me forbidden to wash hair during my confinement. The treatment was to reduce hair oil and dandruff =) So sweet of him.

Now, it's a week + to go! Excited? Worried? Scared? Tell me about the hurricane of emotions! Whatever is it, we just can't wait to have her little fingers squeezing our finger =)