Thursday, April 26, 2012

Halo | I'm Kay Kay

Hi everyone! My name is Kay Kay. That's me in the photos. I'm hijacking Mummy's blog to intro myself here =) Mummy and Daddy took a lot of my photos since I came. I'm their personal model. Here are some shots! Enjoy!

Here's me ~ just a few days old =)

This is my Daddy ~ while waiting for me to greet the world. Busy feeding his FB on the status in the labour room =)

This is Mummy's hand. Being poked when she went to into the labour room ~ Ouch!

Here are some of my best shots. More to come I hope. Well, Daddy loves to take photos. And when I came along, I'm his only model *proud* Here are only those take via iPhone. He hasn't taken his DSLR yet. That is, if I don't give too much trouble for him and Mummy in the coming days =p


My feet. Big, eh? 

Here's my latest shot, taken today by Mummy... They say I look different everyday. But still looking more like Daddy =)

OK. Got to go now. See you all soon ^^

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