Sunday, January 31, 2010

Halo | January 2010 ~ end

That was fast! In 2 weeks time, the year of Tiger will be roaring in! This would be the last year that I'm entitled for angpaus. LAST CHANCE! Hahahahaha.

So, Chinese says that Tiger is not a good year. Some may shy away from this year to do stuff ~ like getting married. o_O Well, that's what we're going to do anyway.

Tigers aren't bad ... They represent strong and powerful! And they are cute too ~ for instance .....

He looks happy to me =) So, no need to be too scared about Tiger year. Enjoy it!

And we'll have Valentine's Day on the same day too! Wonder if people will think about ~ having reunion dinner at home or having candle-light dinner at home? But wouldn't it be great to have both? Candle-light reunion dinner at home! Or there's an electricity disruption? Hahahaha.

In any way ~ have a happy, bouncy, lovely Tiger year ahead =)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Halo | Weekend

Saturday morning. Sent him off for his trip and I went back to office to work. What a way to start the weekend...

Am missing him already

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halo | A sign?

We think it's a sign of having 3 Chris named people involved in our big day. Hahahaha. The jeweler, the bridal shop and the restaurant. Hmmm... What do you think?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Halo | Xing Nian Lai Lor

Does these look familiar? If you've seen Tiger WOOHOO!, it might ring a bell =) Got this 5 little tigers from Eu Yan Sang. It's actually from the movie lah... There was only 1 in the movie. But actually it has 5! It's RM68, if you wanted to know. Cute, leh?

Abundance ~ The hunter of bountiful wealth

Auspicious ~ The adventurer of propitious opportunities

Opulence ~ The usher of rewarding future

Harmony ~ The auspicious keeper of harmony

Peaceful ~ The guardian of peace & security


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Halo | Who to choose?

Wedding Day Photographer... *scratch head* Who to choose?! We do have some targeted photographer ~ but the price.... We're on a tight budget. So, I'm still looking high and low...

And many, many more ~ from friend's friend, colleague's friend...

Make-Up... Got mine after much consideration. Didn't know there was so many people out there doing make-up. And good pay too!

But mostly don't have blog or website. Some are recommendation from friends.

MAKE-UP ~ checked!
PHOTOGRAPHER ~ pending...

Screen | 大日子 WOOHOO!

Some might say ~ "I don't watch this kinda movie" ~ 'lung' movie. But let me tell you what. It's the best Malaysian made Chinese movie =) Talking about CNY ~ the year of TIGER. It tickled my heart as well as touched my heart. With the cast from MyFM (Jack Lim, Mei Yan, Royce Tan, etc.) and some familiar local faces, it's really good movie.

Tiger Woohoo! (Tiger Dance) ~ must see for this CNY! But remember to get your tix early. It's been fully booked for the past 1 week.

Check out:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Halo | Sneak Preview

OMG! OMG! OMG! My photos are 'kinda' done. Generous Eugene has posted up some sneak preview. Hehehe. I held my breath clicking those 16 photos. It turned out what we wanted! The color, the feel, the angle ~~ well minus some of our facial expressions la. Hahaha.

It's like getting presents ~ looking at the photos! Thank you so much ~~ I'm anticipating for all the photos. Waiting for Chris to call me real~real soon... ^_^
What do you think?

Thanks again ~ Eugene, Shirley, Joey & Keep Gallery *salute*

**photos grabbed from Eugene Chew**

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Halo | Pose ~ Smile ~ Shoot!

Finally the day has come. Tried losing some inches. Don't think it was a big success. Before the actual shooting day, some preparation was made. A bouquet of flower ~ I got it from Petaling Street ~ RM90! Wow! The cost of flowers nowadays and especially when you mention the word 'wedding'. The price seems to be a little bit different from normal.

Got my first French manicure done at Solaris Hartamas ~ Do's & Cu's. Price quite ok but look at the quality! And it was very fast too! The cost of French Mani & Xpress Pedi is RM60++

Come morning ~ dreaming about being late for the photo shoot. Hahahaha. We set off to Sunway early as of the morning rush. See, see, we were 1/2 hour earlier! Keep Gallery has 2 offices~ 1 in SS2 and their studio is at Sunway. We being hyper need to sit down at the mamak stall for a drink =P

Shirley was my make-up/stylist. She's cute! Really cute! Loved what she's done. And look who got his first eyebrow trimming? Hehehe.

Camwhoring ~ as usual

He looks terrified!

After all make-up and styling, we are all set to venture downtown for our outdoor photo shoot. Here's the parting shot. And yes, we love to take photos and to be taken photos. That was what Shirley said to us. So, out we go with Eugene ~ our photographer, Shirley ~ our make-up/stylist and Joey ~ the newbie that tagged along =)

Heading out and we still have time to snap =)

Thank GOD the weather was fairly nice. No need to have raining shoot. I wish that I have time to shoot with my own cam on our behind the scene photo shoot . It was crazy in China Town aka Petaling Street. The people was crazy! Hahahaha. But I really enjoyed the shoot. Who said outdoor photo shoot was a pain? We can do it again, anytime!

So, if you are looking for nice photos for your wedding. I'm telling you, we've scouted a lot of places ~ big names but.... They can offer you lot'sa free gifts, etc. But what's the use of those free gifts if the photos are not nice?

I really fell in love with the photography of Keep Gallery. They have 4 photographers for you to choose. Up to your preference but remember to book early. We've chosen Eugene Chew (

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Screen | Sherlock Holmes

I'm loving Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. =) I don't remember Sherlock Holmes being as cheeky as how Robert interpreted it. And Watson is so helplessly funny.

As most of you would know what Sherlock Holmes is about. But let me refresh your memory, Sherlock Holmes and his trusty partner Dr John Watson are detectives. And this time is about stopping the plot of destroying England.

I must say this is a good show even though you kinda know how does the storyline goes. But the casts made it happened. Great job done!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Halo | Shoes ~ checked!

TADA! Remember the shoe hunting day? This was what I got for my photo shoot! Bling~Bling leh? Well, need to have something fancy, rite?

The plan was to get 2 pairs of shoes. One for the white gown and one for the evening gowns! And 2nd TADA! Got this today during lunch hour! It's a very simple black number that I can wear it for normal days!

So, shoes ~ checked!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Halo | What a day

Second blood was shed today =( I met an accident this morning ~ It was my fault, I think. I was coming out from a junction while the motorbike was coming into my junction. And 'BANG'!!! My little car was damaged. Arrrghhhhh!!!! *what a way to start my day off*

Anyway, the motorbike was ok. The father, mother and daughter was fine. Thank GOD for that! His bike's gear was a bit faulty. And I paid for the repair ~ RM30. But the damage on my car bumper was hideous! Was thinking how much does it cost to repaint it. Adding another hole to my widening wallet hole. Sighhhh... Well, it could be worst. Let's just hope that my 4D earn me some greens!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Halo | New Age

Another year ~ wiser? Hahahaha... I hope so!

Wasn't hoping too much on anything big things this year with all the expenses going into the big day. Saturday is my shoe(s) hunting day. Muahahaha. He of cause came with me! Started off with a nice breakie at Coffee Bean. *I think this was my birthday treat from him ~ hint, hint ~ I want something nicer ler* Anyway, I tried their latest drink ~ wasn't too keen about it. The so-called mandarin flavour was from crunched orange candies. I must admit that Starbucks CNY drink is better. Sorry Bean~Bean. But I still love your breakfast!

The CNY drink ~ Mandarin Ginger Latte

Nice breakie from Bean~Bean

OK. Let the journey starts. And indeed it started around 11am to 6pm And I did get a pair of shoes! Yeay! And I kinda got my birthday present. I chose it, paid it using his card. Does that count? Hahaha. I finally found an evening bag that's not bling bling! =P

Key Ng

Remember about the birthday breakfast? Hahaha. Was supposed to have a birthday dinner but ended up having dinner with my family, celebrating my birthday. Good for him, rite? No need to treat me. Hmph!

What's a birthday without a cake. Well, not the whole cake. He got me 2 slices of layered cakes. Similar to the ones in Melaka. Taste like it but the texture wasn't like it. So, I got my birthday cake ~~~ at about 10.30pm. Still on my birthday, mah... Hehehe.

So... Got a an evening bag from him, got cute earrings and bracelet from Rachel and got a nice turtle-neck top from my colleagues. And some angpaus too! =) Happy Birthday to me!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Halo | Paddy ~ Seafood ~ Paddy ~ Seafood

~ Paddy~




Hmmm. No connection? Think, again... Paddy, supposed to be in Sekinchan. BUT, it has been processed. We got there and see all the paddy was gone. Then, to Sg Besar for seafood. BUT, the best in town was closed =( We've been jinxed! Anyway, we did have a freshie, fishy lunch.

Tried another shot on paddy at Sg Besar, Parit Satu. Wohoo! Luckily enough! Hot sunny day ~ great day for photos!

So, how does seafood comes in again? Went back to K Selangor for seafood! Wohoo! Crabs, prawns and crabs. BURP! And I don't know why I ended up with 'fung mok' all over my body. I can't be allegic to crabs! NOOOOO!!! It's just a coincident, ok?! I got it after my registration. Ops! does that means I'm allegeric to that? NOOOO!!! It's just a coincident, ok?! *tuk~tuk*

Well, let's not talk about my itchy 'fung mok'... *paiseh*

More paddy here .....
And @ K Selangor

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Halo | 02.01.2010

Officially, my status has changed =) It was quite weird at the registration office coz I'm always at the other side, taking photos of friends getting married. Hehehe. So, now it's my turn *yes, finally*

It was a real hot sunny Sunday when all happens so fast! Families was there, a bunch of friends was there. Thank you so much for coming =)

One for the album

Can't be filling up forms and marking 'bujang' anymore ~ hehehe

A new year, a new beginning ~ indeed


Friday, January 1, 2010

Halo | 2010~2010~2010~2010~2010~2010

a new year ~ a new beggining ~ a new life

HAPPY 2010!!