Monday, January 11, 2010

Halo | What a day

Second blood was shed today =( I met an accident this morning ~ It was my fault, I think. I was coming out from a junction while the motorbike was coming into my junction. And 'BANG'!!! My little car was damaged. Arrrghhhhh!!!! *what a way to start my day off*

Anyway, the motorbike was ok. The father, mother and daughter was fine. Thank GOD for that! His bike's gear was a bit faulty. And I paid for the repair ~ RM30. But the damage on my car bumper was hideous! Was thinking how much does it cost to repaint it. Adding another hole to my widening wallet hole. Sighhhh... Well, it could be worst. Let's just hope that my 4D earn me some greens!

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