Sunday, January 10, 2010

Halo | New Age

Another year ~ wiser? Hahahaha... I hope so!

Wasn't hoping too much on anything big things this year with all the expenses going into the big day. Saturday is my shoe(s) hunting day. Muahahaha. He of cause came with me! Started off with a nice breakie at Coffee Bean. *I think this was my birthday treat from him ~ hint, hint ~ I want something nicer ler* Anyway, I tried their latest drink ~ wasn't too keen about it. The so-called mandarin flavour was from crunched orange candies. I must admit that Starbucks CNY drink is better. Sorry Bean~Bean. But I still love your breakfast!

The CNY drink ~ Mandarin Ginger Latte

Nice breakie from Bean~Bean

OK. Let the journey starts. And indeed it started around 11am to 6pm And I did get a pair of shoes! Yeay! And I kinda got my birthday present. I chose it, paid it using his card. Does that count? Hahaha. I finally found an evening bag that's not bling bling! =P

Key Ng

Remember about the birthday breakfast? Hahaha. Was supposed to have a birthday dinner but ended up having dinner with my family, celebrating my birthday. Good for him, rite? No need to treat me. Hmph!

What's a birthday without a cake. Well, not the whole cake. He got me 2 slices of layered cakes. Similar to the ones in Melaka. Taste like it but the texture wasn't like it. So, I got my birthday cake ~~~ at about 10.30pm. Still on my birthday, mah... Hehehe.

So... Got a an evening bag from him, got cute earrings and bracelet from Rachel and got a nice turtle-neck top from my colleagues. And some angpaus too! =) Happy Birthday to me!!!


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