Monday, January 4, 2010

Halo | Paddy ~ Seafood ~ Paddy ~ Seafood

~ Paddy~




Hmmm. No connection? Think, again... Paddy, supposed to be in Sekinchan. BUT, it has been processed. We got there and see all the paddy was gone. Then, to Sg Besar for seafood. BUT, the best in town was closed =( We've been jinxed! Anyway, we did have a freshie, fishy lunch.

Tried another shot on paddy at Sg Besar, Parit Satu. Wohoo! Luckily enough! Hot sunny day ~ great day for photos!

So, how does seafood comes in again? Went back to K Selangor for seafood! Wohoo! Crabs, prawns and crabs. BURP! And I don't know why I ended up with 'fung mok' all over my body. I can't be allegic to crabs! NOOOOO!!! It's just a coincident, ok?! I got it after my registration. Ops! does that means I'm allegeric to that? NOOOO!!! It's just a coincident, ok?! *tuk~tuk*

Well, let's not talk about my itchy 'fung mok'... *paiseh*

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