Saturday, January 16, 2010

Halo | Pose ~ Smile ~ Shoot!

Finally the day has come. Tried losing some inches. Don't think it was a big success. Before the actual shooting day, some preparation was made. A bouquet of flower ~ I got it from Petaling Street ~ RM90! Wow! The cost of flowers nowadays and especially when you mention the word 'wedding'. The price seems to be a little bit different from normal.

Got my first French manicure done at Solaris Hartamas ~ Do's & Cu's. Price quite ok but look at the quality! And it was very fast too! The cost of French Mani & Xpress Pedi is RM60++

Come morning ~ dreaming about being late for the photo shoot. Hahahaha. We set off to Sunway early as of the morning rush. See, see, we were 1/2 hour earlier! Keep Gallery has 2 offices~ 1 in SS2 and their studio is at Sunway. We being hyper need to sit down at the mamak stall for a drink =P

Shirley was my make-up/stylist. She's cute! Really cute! Loved what she's done. And look who got his first eyebrow trimming? Hehehe.

Camwhoring ~ as usual

He looks terrified!

After all make-up and styling, we are all set to venture downtown for our outdoor photo shoot. Here's the parting shot. And yes, we love to take photos and to be taken photos. That was what Shirley said to us. So, out we go with Eugene ~ our photographer, Shirley ~ our make-up/stylist and Joey ~ the newbie that tagged along =)

Heading out and we still have time to snap =)

Thank GOD the weather was fairly nice. No need to have raining shoot. I wish that I have time to shoot with my own cam on our behind the scene photo shoot . It was crazy in China Town aka Petaling Street. The people was crazy! Hahahaha. But I really enjoyed the shoot. Who said outdoor photo shoot was a pain? We can do it again, anytime!

So, if you are looking for nice photos for your wedding. I'm telling you, we've scouted a lot of places ~ big names but.... They can offer you lot'sa free gifts, etc. But what's the use of those free gifts if the photos are not nice?

I really fell in love with the photography of Keep Gallery. They have 4 photographers for you to choose. Up to your preference but remember to book early. We've chosen Eugene Chew (


saltvinegar said...

Ha ha wow you're really doing good advertising for them!

~niCoLe~ said...

Hehehe. Good things are meant to be shared =)

saltvinegar said...

Congrats!!! Saw your pics! Love the close up shots!

~niCoLe~ said...

TQ! TQ! =)