Thursday, April 30, 2009

Halo | What's life?

Answers, anyone?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Halo | Tax "DEAD"line

One word ~ LAZY. That's what happened. With just 2 more days to deadline and here I am trying to login to the ehasil site. Yes. I'm guilty. *I know lah, Bubu, I'm not that kinda person to wait till last minute. Hehe*

So, I'm here at home trying my best to squeeze in the site to submit my tax form. Normally it will take 5 minutes to submit. But now, after 1/2 hour. . . I'm here waiting for it to load. Hahaha~~

Wish me luck!

~updates 28.04.09 : Finally submitted and paid my tax :)

Halo | Round 2

Hooray! Finally got the whole house painted. Yeap. Last weekend was painting for 2 days as well. Now... Only the doors waiting in line to be painted.

It was tired and a good workout too! I hope I lost a few grams! o_O

So, here's the last solid colour for one of the wall. Mocha..... Don't you feel like having a latte or an ice-cream just by looking at this colour? Yummy!

You must be thinking how would the whole place look like. I shall reveal soon...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Couch | Ghost Season 2

OH NO! I missed it! I missed the 1st episode of GHOST Season 2 @ 8TV. I’m a huge fan of this a local series. When it was at Season 1, I followed each episode! Yeap, it was good.

Fret not! Check out , register yourself and you can watch what you’ve missed. *Yes, it’s free* And Season 1 is still there!

Having back Nazrudin Rahman and Cheryl Samad from Season 1; adding on Isma Hanum (she’s from 5 Jingga, an 8TV series) makes quite a team *I hope*. Nazrudin (Zack) was already good in Season 1.
I was hoping to see him but in the 1st episode of Season 2, he’s not shown up yet. Cheryl (Eza) acting has improved a lot! And I liked Isma (Harum) from 5 Jingga. Here, at Ghost 2, she’s the ‘other’ ghost besides Nazrudin. I wonder how’s the story will be…

Here you go, if you’re interested

Halo | sweet ~ sweet

I know, I know. Sushi aren't supposed to be sweet. But it felt sweet :)
~thank you~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Halo | Paint, paint and more paint

Yeah! Got my house painted during the weekend. It's DIY ya! No hiring people to do it! Every inch of my house is DIY by me, him and da' parents. *Hehehe. I need help, OK?*
But age must be catching up with me. Just 2 days of painting and I'm aching all over. It was really fun actually, getting paint all over your hands and face. Burning calories along the way. And you know what? We'll be doing it all over again next week! Yes. It's not finished yet. Still have the living room, wet kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

OK. Here's the colour scheme. Using white as background *it's Lily White, ICI Dulux Pearl Glo*, well, it's not pure white... It has a pinch of yellowish into it. And the plan is to have a theme colour to each room. One bright rich colour, all from Jotun :) What's done is Artic Blue, Safron Sky (orangy) and Lime Green. You'll have to come over and see it for yourself.

*Ops. Forgot to snap the green can*
It must have been ages that I bought paints. People have new technology now, we're not buying it off-shelves like the good old days. *OMG! I'm talking like an old lady*. For the normal white paints, yes, you can have it just like that. But those rich paints, the hardware shop mix the paints there and then. *o_O me so 'jakun'*

First, choose the colour you want from the catalogue. Confirm? Is that your final decision? Then the guy picks up a can of paint. Opening it up, it was just pale white. Me being silly - "Aik? I got buy this colour meh?" And that guy just gave me a smile.

Then the 'magic' begin, the can was placed on this machine, the guy keyed in something on the PC and some colour squirted into the can.
Sticking the colour label on it, close the can and it went into another machine. Ahhhh! It's the mixer. Giving the can a good shake and TADA! I got my coloured paints!

OK. Now I need to rest my fragile body. Owww!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Screen | Shinjuku Incident

Finally got a chance to hit the cinema. I've been really busy during weekdays and weekends. Sigh... *need a vacation!* But let's not start talking about that.

Shinjuku Incident. As a Jackie Chan fan, *I believe that most Chinese is a fan* how can I miss out on this? Yeah. It's not entirely in Cantonese. It's more to Mandarin and Japanese. I've never seen Jackie acted as this character before. He's like a gangster that takes care of illegal China immigrants to Japan. And most of all, he can't really fight!

I feel that this is a sad movie. Jackie and the other immigrants are just trying to make a living at Japan. But instead he unintentionally mangled himself and his friends into triads and drugs. Don't worry! This is not another Hongkie triads movie like "Hung Hing", it's more than that.

I know it's a bit late. Most people already seen this movie. Bit for those haven't, it's not bad. It's a Jackie Chan production anyway :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food | Bibichik

Care for some Nyonya food? We found this cozy place at SS2 called BiBiChik. But please be informed that you'll be the youngest customer *that is if you're born after the 80's* Not that I'm saying BiBiChik is for old people :)

In some way, most of the customers here are old folks. Not the Ah Beng or Ah Lian. These are those English educated uncles and aunties. There seem to be something at this restaurant are pulling them in.

After stepping in, ohhhhh.... there's live music brought to you by Roy Chew! And let me tell you... he's talented! He sings beautifully and plays the guitar with full enthusiasm! I can see that he love his job here. Anyway, he sings the oldies songs effortlessly! And the customer loves it! Now you see what I mean?

But most of all, the restaurant brings me back to Melaka! Yes, it does. *And let me remind you again - I'm not from Melaka!* The food here is reasonably priced and tasted home good cooking! You must try the Honey Sotong & Tom Yam Soup! There is a chicken dish called "Seoh" is very unique. You should go for it as well!

I did went there for the 2nd time! Maybe you want to try? Hope you love the food and the music :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Screen | Fast & Furious

As promised, I finally got to see a movie after so many weeks. I pushed Knowing back to make way for Fast & Furious. I feel that the car racing is more alluring than knowing what's going to happen next. And. . . Vin Diesel looks more exciting than Nicolas Cage :)

The story doesn't run far from the earlier F&F. But the racing scene still makes me go "Wahhh" This time there wasn't a lot of cool cars. Dom still likes his vintage car and Brian is with his Skyline (but towards the end he's in a Subaru)

As usual, Dom is HOT in the wanted list and he decided to ditch his girlfriend - Letty, to keep her safe. But she was murdered trying to help Brian to bust a drug dealer. All she wanted is to clear Dom's name so that he can come home. By now you should know how's the rest of the story goes, rite? Revenge!

In total, it has fast cars, cool drivers and exhilarating races!
I say GO for it!

Vin Diesel

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Halo | Surprise @ 10am

Thank you for the lovely tea latte :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Halo | No joke

Yes. It's April Fool's Day. But this is NO JOKE!!! Finally off work and heading back to my car. Thinking, HEY! I got enoughRM1 for the parking fees. Jamming the ticket in the machine and WHAT HAPPENED? A big RM9.00! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!

Does the parking management think that's funny??? To raise the fees RM2 on APRIL FOOL'S DAY? Ha ha. Good joke. Now, give me back my RM2!

*cricket sound*

Well, I'm not laughing.