Friday, April 17, 2009

Screen | Shinjuku Incident

Finally got a chance to hit the cinema. I've been really busy during weekdays and weekends. Sigh... *need a vacation!* But let's not start talking about that.

Shinjuku Incident. As a Jackie Chan fan, *I believe that most Chinese is a fan* how can I miss out on this? Yeah. It's not entirely in Cantonese. It's more to Mandarin and Japanese. I've never seen Jackie acted as this character before. He's like a gangster that takes care of illegal China immigrants to Japan. And most of all, he can't really fight!

I feel that this is a sad movie. Jackie and the other immigrants are just trying to make a living at Japan. But instead he unintentionally mangled himself and his friends into triads and drugs. Don't worry! This is not another Hongkie triads movie like "Hung Hing", it's more than that.

I know it's a bit late. Most people already seen this movie. Bit for those haven't, it's not bad. It's a Jackie Chan production anyway :)

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