Sunday, April 19, 2009

Halo | Paint, paint and more paint

Yeah! Got my house painted during the weekend. It's DIY ya! No hiring people to do it! Every inch of my house is DIY by me, him and da' parents. *Hehehe. I need help, OK?*
But age must be catching up with me. Just 2 days of painting and I'm aching all over. It was really fun actually, getting paint all over your hands and face. Burning calories along the way. And you know what? We'll be doing it all over again next week! Yes. It's not finished yet. Still have the living room, wet kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

OK. Here's the colour scheme. Using white as background *it's Lily White, ICI Dulux Pearl Glo*, well, it's not pure white... It has a pinch of yellowish into it. And the plan is to have a theme colour to each room. One bright rich colour, all from Jotun :) What's done is Artic Blue, Safron Sky (orangy) and Lime Green. You'll have to come over and see it for yourself.

*Ops. Forgot to snap the green can*
It must have been ages that I bought paints. People have new technology now, we're not buying it off-shelves like the good old days. *OMG! I'm talking like an old lady*. For the normal white paints, yes, you can have it just like that. But those rich paints, the hardware shop mix the paints there and then. *o_O me so 'jakun'*

First, choose the colour you want from the catalogue. Confirm? Is that your final decision? Then the guy picks up a can of paint. Opening it up, it was just pale white. Me being silly - "Aik? I got buy this colour meh?" And that guy just gave me a smile.

Then the 'magic' begin, the can was placed on this machine, the guy keyed in something on the PC and some colour squirted into the can.
Sticking the colour label on it, close the can and it went into another machine. Ahhhh! It's the mixer. Giving the can a good shake and TADA! I got my coloured paints!

OK. Now I need to rest my fragile body. Owww!

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