Sunday, April 5, 2009

Screen | Fast & Furious

As promised, I finally got to see a movie after so many weeks. I pushed Knowing back to make way for Fast & Furious. I feel that the car racing is more alluring than knowing what's going to happen next. And. . . Vin Diesel looks more exciting than Nicolas Cage :)

The story doesn't run far from the earlier F&F. But the racing scene still makes me go "Wahhh" This time there wasn't a lot of cool cars. Dom still likes his vintage car and Brian is with his Skyline (but towards the end he's in a Subaru)

As usual, Dom is HOT in the wanted list and he decided to ditch his girlfriend - Letty, to keep her safe. But she was murdered trying to help Brian to bust a drug dealer. All she wanted is to clear Dom's name so that he can come home. By now you should know how's the rest of the story goes, rite? Revenge!

In total, it has fast cars, cool drivers and exhilarating races!
I say GO for it!

Vin Diesel

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