Monday, April 20, 2009

Couch | Ghost Season 2

OH NO! I missed it! I missed the 1st episode of GHOST Season 2 @ 8TV. I’m a huge fan of this a local series. When it was at Season 1, I followed each episode! Yeap, it was good.

Fret not! Check out , register yourself and you can watch what you’ve missed. *Yes, it’s free* And Season 1 is still there!

Having back Nazrudin Rahman and Cheryl Samad from Season 1; adding on Isma Hanum (she’s from 5 Jingga, an 8TV series) makes quite a team *I hope*. Nazrudin (Zack) was already good in Season 1.
I was hoping to see him but in the 1st episode of Season 2, he’s not shown up yet. Cheryl (Eza) acting has improved a lot! And I liked Isma (Harum) from 5 Jingga. Here, at Ghost 2, she’s the ‘other’ ghost besides Nazrudin. I wonder how’s the story will be…

Here you go, if you’re interested


PakciQue said...

GHOST adalah sebuah drama suspen triller yang terhebat pernah dihasilkan. Tak main lah Puaka Niang Rapik bagai. Kan?

Anyway. Kalau nak baca my review, boleh ke GHOST 8TV [at]Noorhidayat.Com

ir.bunge said...

zack is back..!:D

~niCoLe~ said...

Yeay!!! Finally Zack is back!