Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paperback | Which one 1st?

I'm spoilt for choices. In my stack, I have 3 more books to dig in. Man and Boy was bought way back, the 2 Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and New Moon was my latest purchase.

"People" keep saying the book is great. It's a vampire book but . . . *it's more like a 90210 vampire book* That's what I heard. The movie is out but "people" say must read the book first before watching it. *Not that I'm planning to watch it, but if I do, it will be on DVD or downloaded* I shall let you know whether I like the book or not.

So, as I was saying that - I can't decide to read Twilight first or New Moon first. . . Maybe I just toss a coin later :)

I've finished How STARBUCKS Saved My Life and The Wednesday Letters. Personally, I love the Starbucks book. Maybe I'm into real life stories. It feels like I'm going through what the character is going through. Isn't that supposed to happen when you read a book? Get engrossed into it ~ be the hero, be the villain, be anything you want and just loose yourself.

Anyway, after reading Starbucks I kinda see my own Starbucks here a little bit different. It's not "just" a coffee shop anymore. Weird, right? Well, a mid-age guy lost his high pay job and ended up working as a Barista. Learning to become a better man, a better father, a better person. Talks about falling down flat on the face and standing up to face the world again.

Wednesday Letters are more to a family story. About a husband who writes to his wife every Wednesday after their wedding *isn't that sweet?* Now, don't start thinking that his wife is at a faraway land or in heaven. She's just next to him, staying under the same roof, sleeping on the same bed. It's not all lovey-dovey letters, it's just simple notes, phrases, song lyrics that the husband thought of and pen it down for his wife. Imagine how many letters are there when they are married for 30 years? Imagine how the kids going through their dad's words when they've passed on?

Well. . . I'm not good in reviewing books, actually. *Pst! How did I do for the 1st time?* Just wanted to share with you on what I've been reading.

What have you been reading?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Halo | 11 hours o_O

Finally! At the last weekend before CNY. Got a chance to hit the malls! And this is how I spent 11 hours * yes, I repeat 11 HOURS!* at 1 Utama. Look at the carpark! Guess what time I reached here.

Woken up on an early Saturday morning with "semangat berkobar-kobar" for shopping. But instead, I went for 2 movies within the first 5 hours. And since I'm already talking about movies. Here you go. . .

Remember last year's RED CLIFF? The big war that was to happened? This is the continuation. *DUH* Well, what can I say. You can't expect too much from a sequel. Yeah! The war was great with all the strategies and tricks. But I feel that the first one is better. *Uh! Uh! There won't be any Red Cliff 3 (just to let you know)*

The war was of coz won by the good guys. The hero won the war and got back the girl *ahem, ahem, I'm talking about Tony Leung* And Takeshi is as charming as ever *ahhhhh.....* You can head on to the cinema to watch this ~ to have a closure of the first part.


I highly recommend this over Bedtime Stories. I haven't seen Bedtime Stories but I heard it wasn't that good.

Inkheart is actually a fiction by Cornelia Funke. Talks about silvertongue people who can read stories right out from the book! Awesome! *Imagine that you can read a whole pile of never ending gold pot! (sorry, I'm a bit money-minded)* OK. Silvertongue doesn't mean that their tongue is silver in color. Hahaha! It's a gift, some might say.

But there's consequences reading out loud the story. Something will come out from the book and something will be sucked into the book. That, a silvertongue can't control. It's a bit of fairy tale movie. But hey! I love fairy tales! So, I wouldn't mind. Would you?

So, the next 6 hours was spent for a bit food, a bit window shopping, a bit mani and pedi and a bit of . . . *I really don't know what* Time just flies! But luckily I managed to secure 1 top from a place called Kitschen. It's a nice place with affordable price. Go see see!

Thank god! For CNY, I got 3 new tops. Just to sync with the "new things for CNY"


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Halo | CNY round the corner

Woah! Look at how fast time flies. . . Next week will be CNY! But I have not bought anything for CNY. Who set the rules to have new clothes and shoes for CNY at the first place?

Anyway, will try to get at least 1-2 tops. With the never ending work and loads of errands to run, I hope I'm able to go for shopping!

May all bad stuff stays in the rat year, good stuff to rush in the ox year
Happy OX year everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Halo | Peixia & Alex Wedding

BURP! Just got back from my secondary school friend's wedding ~ Peixia. By the way, it was delicious. Maju Palace Restaurant @ Maju Junction. Not bad at all. Can keep this place in mind.

Not many of my secondary school can make it. But we had a great reunion. Chatting about the latest news. Oh! And I DROVE there! On my own! *applause* I drove all by myself this morning too! To show my new place to college friends. As someone was camping somewhere in Ulu Yam, I was to drive myself around. Good practice lah!

For those who didn't make it, here's some snaps!


Some updates from the gang: MLeng have a new babb boy, CChin got registered, SSan's wedding would be this year, LLing is expecting and EPeng found her other half. Good news all the way, ya!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Couch | Ghost Whisperer

Who doesn't love Jennifer Love Hewitt? Isn't she just lovely? And sweet? And sexy? OK. Take a deep breath, please. I sound like a lesbian.

I'm not sure about you but I love this series. It's not a hardcore GHOST series. It's a milder version about ghost for the faint heart. Ghost Whisperer is at it's 4th season now. Jennifer is Melinda Gordon, a wife to a paramedic, an antique store owner and she can see ghost. *i see dead people* Her main objective: to get the earth-bound spirits to walk into the light. But, it's not all nice and fuzzy as there's a dark side collecting angry souls too.

That's in a nutshell. If you want to more, go watch it yourself on your couch!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Halo | First Blood


The first blood has spilled. No! I have no other meaning to it. Yes. It was me dumbly bang my car to a someone's house gate. No. The gate didn't tumble and fall. Yes. I'm OK *thank you*

So, I have to live with it even when my heart ache when I look at the scratches. One say "just spray it. cost bout RM300+" and one say "no need. just leave it first. accumulate more scratches before spraying it" Argh! The agony!

Sigh! I'm a new driver. I'm happy that I didn't knock on anyone's car. *touch wood!*

Sooooo..... Do you dare to come with me on a ride?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, well, well. . . Twenty eight already. . .

Had a weekend blast! Was eating all the time. And without any gym workout, I doubt you'll see me the same way again. *_* Met with friends for lunch, dinner and drinks. Was lucky that the day fell on a Saturday, if not. . . Surely there won't be enough time for everyone! *wah! talking like I'm very popular* Hehe.

Thank you so much for all your wishes, sms, gifts, hugs, etc.
Love you all!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Halo | What day is today?


*wish me! wish me! wish me!*

yes. i had 3 cakes


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Halo | 時光機 [shi guang ji] ~ Time Machine

Don't you wish you have a time machine?

P/S: my own countdown: 3 days to go

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Halo | Look who's on the mag!


No, I'm not getting hitched ~ not soon . . . Ling Ling, a friend of mine that got married last year ( was featured here! The latest edition of Female brides ~ EDITION 8.

But I wasn't in any of the photos. I was there OK. At the bridal shower and the wedding reception. Here's the proof. Look at the similarity of the photos! (


P/S: my own countdown: 7 days to go

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Halo | two O O nine

2009 ~ a new year ~ a new age ~ a new resolution *nah!* Most people will look back to what happened in 2008. What I say is ~ let bygones be bygones.


!yam seng!

I didn't went countdown at human-packed places this year. Opted to have a nice seafood dinner with some friends and just chill out nearby. Rather not wanting to be stuck in a massive traffic jam or getting sprayed by foams. *do I sound old?* Ha ha ha!

And HEY! I can start my countdown now ~ 9 more days to go. *wink~wink*