Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wassup | Bridal Shower ~ LING LING

Today is my friend's ~ LING LING ~ bridal shower. Some might ask, "What is that?"
The bridal shower is a wonderful and joyous time and usually the last chance for the bride and her close family and friends to have a warm, intimate and relaxing time together before her marriage. (quoted from a.k.a bachelorette night (in this case is morning @ 10.30am!)

It's a get-together session for the girls. Most of the guests are Ling's church mates. Only me, San, Kit Yeng and Jessie are her secondary school mates. Nevertheless, I had a great time.

Uh! Uh! It was at the apartment suite in Westin KL! Wohoo! At level 13, the view was fab!

Cool, rite?

Some food was prepared by her friends ~ there was the "fruit mountain" and ice-cream by Kit Yeng and bite-sized cupcakes. The cupcakes are real cute from Wondermilk.
Tingling taste

Close up. . . Makes you want to eat it right away

Ice-cream galore

Wondermilk's cupcakes


And there is more! Westin provided us more food! And a bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne which is at my fridge now. Hehe! They served us finger food. Erm... I don't know what are they called individually. But there was some nice sushi! Kudos to Westin!

Oh! The whole package was FOC! Ling got sponsored by FEMALE mag to be featured in the FEMALE BRIDE mag! *She's making lot'sa bride-to-be crying their eyes out...*

See what she got!!! :p

I must talk about the deco that the girls did. Very, very nice! The feeling sweet, sweet. . .

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