Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hunting 4 Food | Jarrod & Rawlins

Celebrated Weng's birthday with a simple dinner in a restaurant at Damansara Heights. Jarrod & Rawlins is the name. It's actually a bungalow turned restaurant thingy.

The food was OK only. I mean for the dining, upstairs. They have a bar ~ serving different food. I was told that the smoked salmon is good. But since we're dining upstairs, we cannot order it. Does that make any sense? =="

So, we ordered some porky stuff. Not too much choice to order though. I think this place is better for happy hour drinking. There's a lot of choices of drinks, liquor, beer, etc. For the food, I don't think so.

It not what you think ya :) ~ It's called Cumberland Pork Sausage

This is quite a big portion ~ Crispy Pork Knuckle *exactly like char siew*

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Big Boys Oven said...

didn't know that they serve different food upstaira and downstairs. lol!