Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cubicle | On 2 days training

Purely no work for 2 solid days! ~Yeay!~

I was sent to a 2 days training at Sime Darby Convention Centre @ Bukit Kiara. "Train what?", you may ask. Brought to you by numoment is the EXECUTIVE PRESENCE. The training was fun and I really laughed a lot. Needed some laughter so much nowadays. Trainer, Zain was cool. I went to his SHINE training last year too. Those who haven't done SHINE before, you should try.
My black box

After the first day, I got to know that I'm in the Carebear team aka the supporting team. Known to be accepting, co-operative and friendly. Our team also feels that we are fickle-minded, easy going, easily amused, fun to be with, etc. *carebear! share!*

Oh yeah! I also falls into the visual people. I like to have visuals to present stuff. Overall, I learn quite a bit here about my communication skills and the way to communicate with different people.

Uh! Uh! And I must say I liked the lunch that was served at the Halia Restaurant here. Loved the smoked salmon! Yummy!

My favourite smoked salmon

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