Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wassup | Daughtry rocked my night

This was totally last minute. I got a pair of the tickets from a colleague on Friday evening. He asked "You know who is Chris Daughtry?" And the rest was history. *p/s: OF COURSE I KNOW WHO IS CHRIS DAUGHTRY*

Thanks VS! For these tix!

I nearly didn't made it coz Weng was at work. *Boo Hoo!*

But HEY, he called me at 7pm and asked whether I still wanna go. YEAY! We made it there around 8pm, Looked for car park space till 9pm!!! Imagine that. I was losing hope and was thinking of leaving 1Utama. Thank god! Finally found a space. Grabbed a quick dinner and headed to Central Park Avenue. After asking around, we got to know that Daughtry will only be up at 10pm. WE MADE IT! Yeah. He was late for about an hour. But he sang for us for 1 solid hour too! I lost count of how many songs he sang coz I was so engrossed into it!

Security was tight. So, I didn't manage to smuggle my camera in. Have to make use what I have, which is my W580i. I wish I was using my W800i. Better camera mah. So, bear with me with these pix.
Daughtry! Daughtry! Daughtry!

All hyped up!

Look at the crowd!

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