Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Screen | Sherlock Holmes 2

Once again Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is back to kick some ass *well, literally* I personally think that it's lacking a bit of action as compared with the first one. And note to myself, don't watch a late movie ~ 10pm. Mind you, I'm pregnant... I tend to sleep early ok? Hehehe...

Let's get back to the movie, shall we? This time against criminal mastermind Dr Moriarty that's always one step ahead of Holmes. With Dr Watson getting married and being dragged into the whirlwind of chaos, it still brings out the witty laughter of this movie.

I, myself needs to re-watch this coz I kept dozing off at the end of the movie. Not that it's boring it's just that I'm a tired mummy to be =)

So, do go watch it ya!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Halo | Christmas - checked. Next CNY!

So, that's Christmas. Just in a blink of an eye. Didn't do anything much during the long weekends. Laze around, meeting friends for food ~ food ~ and more food ^^

I was thinking that I won't be getting a lot of gifts this year. I do miss my old company where gifts exchange happens a lot. But hey! Surprise, surprise ~ still received a few =)

Camera pendant ^^

iPhone notepad & miniature CK Euphoria perfume ^^

Duckies toothbrush holder ~ representing my growing family ^^

iPhone cover ~ looks like me leh?

L'Occitane stuff

Cookies & jam


And here are some of the things that I got for them ^^

And I got him this. Easy job lah...

Next creeping up is CNY. Ang Pau time again...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Halo | Legoland Malaysia in 2012 ^^

<a href='^en-MY&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='First look of Legoland in Asia' >Video: First look of Legoland in Asia</a>


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halo | New outfit ^^

Ok. It was my bad that I left my iPhone at home yesterday. I felt so handicapped without it and felt so bad leaving it behind. I think this short-term memory lost will stay for a while. A friend of mine even says it'll get worse after I delivered! o_O"

So, to compensate my iPhone (yeah, right... I'm just giving myself an excuse to shop =p) I got a new outfit! It's a 几米's (Jimmy Liao) illustration cover. I saw this once during my trip to Shanghai. But it costs RM100++. But here I got it with RM39.80 from Action City ^^


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Halo | Wish List

Hmm... I don't think I have one this time. Priority change maybe? Hahahaha! Of course there are a thousand things that I would love to have. But, do I really need em? I'm starting to sound like a mummy now! LOL!

Perfume? Watch? Bag? TS charm? Sigh... My birthday also coming up soon. So, I'm assuming 2-in-1 gift. (okay, I'm hinting. hehehe) But still back to square 1. I have no idea! Even for me to get something for myself... I think it's the hormones. Maybe I should get gifts for baby instead?

Enough about me. Someone has something in his wish list already. Yes. A police station Lego set. Yesterday I was thinking, if there was a selection between a Mont Blanc wallet and this Lego set ~ for sure he'll go for the Lego (mind you, the prices are "nearly" the same o_O)

So, should I pamper him with his list? That he says its for our baby later (ya right, like when our kid is 6 years old =_=) LOL! I'll keep you posted ^^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Screen | Breaking Dawn - Part 1

So, here's part 1. I was hoping it was to be more. But it came out like ~ blah... Already heard about negative comments on the movie. But still I have to watch it with my own eyes. I have to practically drag him to the cinema to watch with me. He did told me to look for other Twilight junkie to watch with me. But it was kinda long delayed movie. So, I dragged him.

First of all, there was too much censored portion. I don't mean to watch the whole intimate scene. But at least not to watch it abruptly disconnected... Then, the birth of Reneesme. Suddenly the baby just popped out. And Bella was dead. And Edward was crying... ??? What the...

For sure, will get the full version one. And watch by myself. He already half yawning in the cinema. I don't want him to fall asleep on the couch watching with me. Hehehehe.

Let's just hope for a better part 2, please?

Halo | Finally!

Yes! She finally got hitched! The last one among us ^^

12.12.11 ~ ROM for Fong Fong & Ko Gin

Wishing both of you love and happiness ^^

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halo | God of Songs ~ still the best

There are no words to describe how awesome the concert was. Jacky Cheung still have IT! He does not look like 50 at all. Still as fit as ever. Even though he's down with a little flu and raspy voice (he's done 2 concert and now is the 3rd one), he kept me entertained all night!

All of us was a bit worried when a presenter came on stage at 8.15pm saying there's some bad news. Then Jacky himself came on stage apologizing. Saying the last 2 days of singing has costs him his voice. OH NOO! But he assured us he'll do his best and ask us to keep our tickets. In case, he couldn't finish the concert there will be some sort of compensation. OMG! Setting the expectation right up front. We all of course cheered at him, supporting him no matter what. And you know what? He can still joke about it. Asking us to forget about seeing him on stage at that point coz he'll pop up later.

I loved the mini musical he did about his view about LOVE. It was truly a tear-jerking play. I, myself went watery-eyed. And he went on with the lovely ballads and rock numbers. Plus a mini Private Corner Jazz. OMG! I was really amazed. This is the guy that says that he's sick. But he was like a possessed singer. He kept on doing his stuff and there was no raspy voice at all.

There was no encore. I think there's no need for it. Everyone was satisfied with the 3 hours non-stop and no invited guests show. It's 100% Jacky Cheung! Plus, I don't think people will have a heart to ask him to encore.

I really wished that I could watch the concert again on Sunday...

I left the concert with heavy heart ~ uncertain if he'll be coming again. But I left with no regrets and with full of joy ~ remembering the songs he sang, the dance he danced and the jokes that he joked. I love you Hok Yau!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Halo | Finally got Jay!

After being delayed so many weeks and after numerous calls to CD Rama ~~ it finally came! I got the USB version which was very cool! But by this time, I've already heard all the songs on FB, YouTube, etc.... Still, have to support original mah!

This 11th album sure have Jay's essence in it! Some cute songs, tho. Here's one of my favourite =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Halo | Get Well Soon

My heart aches...

Daddy has been sick but he's getting well =) Looking at him that once a meaty guy now is thin. I know he'll buff up again -)

Daddy, get well soon =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Halo | Christmas Month!

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!

Woah! It's December already! The last month of 2011! Did I achieve what I wanted? Who am I to kid? I didn't make any resolutions. Hahaha! I personally don't think it works (on me =p)

So, everyone out there! Enjoy the remaining 2011 and start welcoming the new 2012!