Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Halo | Wish List

Hmm... I don't think I have one this time. Priority change maybe? Hahahaha! Of course there are a thousand things that I would love to have. But, do I really need em? I'm starting to sound like a mummy now! LOL!

Perfume? Watch? Bag? TS charm? Sigh... My birthday also coming up soon. So, I'm assuming 2-in-1 gift. (okay, I'm hinting. hehehe) But still back to square 1. I have no idea! Even for me to get something for myself... I think it's the hormones. Maybe I should get gifts for baby instead?

Enough about me. Someone has something in his wish list already. Yes. A police station Lego set. Yesterday I was thinking, if there was a selection between a Mont Blanc wallet and this Lego set ~ for sure he'll go for the Lego (mind you, the prices are "nearly" the same o_O)

So, should I pamper him with his list? That he says its for our baby later (ya right, like when our kid is 6 years old =_=) LOL! I'll keep you posted ^^

1 comment: said...

like the ah lego kingdom great job love that tower