Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halo | God of Songs ~ still the best

There are no words to describe how awesome the concert was. Jacky Cheung still have IT! He does not look like 50 at all. Still as fit as ever. Even though he's down with a little flu and raspy voice (he's done 2 concert and now is the 3rd one), he kept me entertained all night!

All of us was a bit worried when a presenter came on stage at 8.15pm saying there's some bad news. Then Jacky himself came on stage apologizing. Saying the last 2 days of singing has costs him his voice. OH NOO! But he assured us he'll do his best and ask us to keep our tickets. In case, he couldn't finish the concert there will be some sort of compensation. OMG! Setting the expectation right up front. We all of course cheered at him, supporting him no matter what. And you know what? He can still joke about it. Asking us to forget about seeing him on stage at that point coz he'll pop up later.

I loved the mini musical he did about his view about LOVE. It was truly a tear-jerking play. I, myself went watery-eyed. And he went on with the lovely ballads and rock numbers. Plus a mini Private Corner Jazz. OMG! I was really amazed. This is the guy that says that he's sick. But he was like a possessed singer. He kept on doing his stuff and there was no raspy voice at all.

There was no encore. I think there's no need for it. Everyone was satisfied with the 3 hours non-stop and no invited guests show. It's 100% Jacky Cheung! Plus, I don't think people will have a heart to ask him to encore.

I really wished that I could watch the concert again on Sunday...

I left the concert with heavy heart ~ uncertain if he'll be coming again. But I left with no regrets and with full of joy ~ remembering the songs he sang, the dance he danced and the jokes that he joked. I love you Hok Yau!

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