Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Screen | Breaking Dawn - Part 1

So, here's part 1. I was hoping it was to be more. But it came out like ~ blah... Already heard about negative comments on the movie. But still I have to watch it with my own eyes. I have to practically drag him to the cinema to watch with me. He did told me to look for other Twilight junkie to watch with me. But it was kinda long delayed movie. So, I dragged him.

First of all, there was too much censored portion. I don't mean to watch the whole intimate scene. But at least not to watch it abruptly disconnected... Then, the birth of Reneesme. Suddenly the baby just popped out. And Bella was dead. And Edward was crying... ??? What the...

For sure, will get the full version one. And watch by myself. He already half yawning in the cinema. I don't want him to fall asleep on the couch watching with me. Hehehehe.

Let's just hope for a better part 2, please?

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