Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Screen | Sherlock Holmes 2

Once again Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is back to kick some ass *well, literally* I personally think that it's lacking a bit of action as compared with the first one. And note to myself, don't watch a late movie ~ 10pm. Mind you, I'm pregnant... I tend to sleep early ok? Hehehe...

Let's get back to the movie, shall we? This time against criminal mastermind Dr Moriarty that's always one step ahead of Holmes. With Dr Watson getting married and being dragged into the whirlwind of chaos, it still brings out the witty laughter of this movie.

I, myself needs to re-watch this coz I kept dozing off at the end of the movie. Not that it's boring it's just that I'm a tired mummy to be =)

So, do go watch it ya!

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